Championship Manager 01/02 - Feb 2010 Data Update
Championship Manager 01/02 - Feb 2010 Data Update

Championship Manager 01/02 - Feb 2010 Data Update

More randomness
Every time you start a new game, you will find different youngsters with high potential. This is done to increase playability and realism. After all, it's impossible for anyone to know for sure which real life youngsters will turn into future superstars.

Better and more random regens
As has always been the case, every time a real life player retires in CM01/02, he is 'regenerated' in the game as a youngster. To make things more exciting, we have given higher (and often random) potential to ageing star players so that every time you play the game there will be different regens emerging as future superstars after a few seasons. This is similar to how things were done in the ODB, and this greatly improves the games playability.

More accurate and realistic attributes
We were fed up of seeing the best players in the world with poor attributes. We felt that players such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo deserve 20s in certain areas, at least once training kicks in. After all, they're the best players in the world, so if they don't deserve 20s, then who does? We have adjusted thousands of players to make their attributes more in tune with their real life counterparts.

Greater number of talented youngsters
One of the most exciting parts of playing CM01/02 is discovering a young potential star. We felt that this was a rarity in recent updates, so we scouted all corners of the world to find the best young talents and added them to the game with random potential to succeed, from Europe to South America, Africa to Asia. See if you can find them too.

Improved balance between leagues
In past updates, we were unimpressed that some leagues were disproportionately and unrealistically better (or worse!) than others. We have spent a great deal of time adjusting these leagues to make them more realistic



best version ever :thumbsup:

can this be played on windows xp/vista ?

Original Poster

Yes - once downloaded, right click on the exe file and set compatability as windows 98

Link to full game

But you may have to register on the OP link first? Found it easier to unzip ISO to a folder instead of burning to a disc.

Also check out champman0102.co.uk/ for more stuff

Top freebie, love this game, not sure the wife will agree :-D

Fantastic. Went to play this last week and found it snapped in two in the case. Reckon wife must have sabotaged it. As much as i love MW2 on my PS3, this is my all time favourite game.

Thank you.:thumbsup:
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