Championship Manager 2007 (PC) £12.97 @ Amazon

Championship Manager 2007 (PC) £12.97 @ Amazon

Found 9th Jan 2007
Just saw this, its got 63% off!!
It's £12.97 + del but if you spend another £2.03 you get free delivery

Game Information
* Platform: Windows XP
* PEGI Rating: Ages 3 and Over
* Media: Video Game



Im guessing the new updated january edition is due again:thumbsup:


Thanks & welcome to HUKD andrewmiller

Free delivery from Amazon on all orders over £15..

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Hi there mate... Yes £15 free delivery

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Im guessing the new updated january edition is due again:thumbsup: Col

Isnt there a free update for this one?

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I ordered mine with…mes

Halo 2 for £4.99 which i needed anyway... both are bargains

they dont do free updates they sell a new version after transfer window and call it CM 2006/2007

and will normally be priced around 19.99 best price on net when it gets released. I personally have Football Manager.

To be honest this game should be cheap, since the big split the Champ Man games have never been the same as they are now created by a new company whilst the staff who made all the good versions now make the Football Manager series which is superior in my opinion.

Darned right doonhamer! Football Manager is the best. All that's left of the original Champ Man series is the name. All the programmers and code now make Football Manager, which is far superior.

Felt I had to say that because many are still unaware of the two parties going there separate ways.

no disrespect meant to the opening poster though, a good price.

I agree. Championship manager used to be good until there was a dispute and the title split with the creators making a new separate game called Football Manager which is incredibility good. And, they make 2 versions for PC and Mac on the very same disc!

Unfortunately, many consumers don't know about this.
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