Championship Manager 2010 for PC - £9.99 @ Blockbuster online
Championship Manager 2010 for PC - £9.99 @ Blockbuster online

Championship Manager 2010 for PC - £9.99 @ Blockbuster online

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Decent game, great price if you missed the 'pay what you want' offer.....

Newly revved up, with time taken to develop not only its vast database of teams and players but also its brand new, custom-built 3D game view, Championship Manager is back. The soccer management game, developed by Beautiful Game Studios at Eidos, has taken all the good things from previous 'Champ Man' titles and added neat and useful touches such as the ability to see more than a single player 'state' at any one time. Usually you either get told the player is 'tired' or 'stressed' or 'travelling', CM2010 introduces a rolling 'lozenge' of information that can combine several aspects of the player's state of mind and physical shape. This means that you've really got to keep your eyes open and your brains sharp. Scouts will help you along the way, as will a good policy in the market. But it's not all about buying and selling. You also get to train your squad with set-pieces for actual play during a game. As you'd expect, keeping your team members in top psychological form is also key to them winning the league or cup (or both). This is catered for by much more tightly integrated scripted interactions between you and the highly-paid (or lowly motivated) centre forwards, right backs and keepers. What's really cool, however, is the addition of 'CM Live'. This is actually regular updates per year that includes all of the scores, competition standings, player transfers, player stats, bookings and major injuries from the ten leading countries in Europe. These are downloaded directly on a monthly basis throughout the season and includes full updates of 49 major leagues a


All I'll say is there's a reason this game has gone down in price so fast

I've owned pretty much every CM game up to and including this one for the few days that I could stick it.

It was awful...

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I've played it for the last couple of weeks, I thought it was reasonably playable - FM was probably too in-depth for me!

The reviews seem a lot more favourable than the last couple of Champ Managers.

Im sure you HAVE to buy FIFa10 to get this at 9.99...oops misread..

you can get it INSTORE for 9.99 with FIFA

Ive been playing it for a while 1st time ive bought a champ in a while usually buy football manager but i thought this champ aint 2 bad plus they have just released a data editor(anno this comes in built with football manager) for all pep who like to make an underdog a mega team lol


worth a tenner to pass the time.

It was worth £2.51 pre-order for me - put a fair few hours in. I'm enjoying it more than I did Footy Man 09

£10 is the cheapest around now if you missed the pre-order, but i guess the very low price of the pre-order has forced them to reduce teh price of the retail game so quickly

this is also the special edition that you receive - you get a champ man notebook and pencil, 6 months of free online updates to the database (you buy/download with an activation code for free)... Blockbuster is also on Quidco so works out at £9.50.... I think thats good alright...
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