Chanel Allure Sport Eau Extreme 150ml £63 at Boots

Chanel Allure Sport Eau Extreme 150ml £63 at Boots

Found 27th Aug 2013
First post!

This works for other fragrances too, but larger bottles obviously get a larger discount.

The 150ml is normally £80 but Boots are doing £10 off fragrances and with coupon code HOLIDAY also another 10% off giving £63 for the bottle, less than the price of a 100ml bottle. A few % Quidco available on it too.
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New to this but don't understand how it can already be cold at almost 25% off?!
Good price if you like this aftershave. The problem is people on here generally aren't willing to pay much for anything even though you can't compare this to a £10 aftershave you get from your aunt Mable at Xmas. You will find those with a bit more style, taste and refinement will comment and appreciate your deal but it will likely go cold as Asda as selling the Only Way is Essex gift set for £10........
Hahaha the above post has amused me!

I love Chanel! Good deal, heat added from me!
I cant get the 10% code to work? I prefer the Allure Sport so trying to get it to work on the 100ml. It adds to the promotions but doesn't remove the 10%?
Guy - agreed on your first post - nicely said!
It took a bit of playing around for me but got it to work - can't remember how.
Works if I switch between pay with points of £. The gf has £90 worth of points.... sadly they aren't as good as cash to boots it seems.
works for me paying normally!
10% code don't work for me
Any good reduction on TOWIE products?
Quality stuff ....... far out of the reach of most on here
Couldnt of put it better myself guy
lol this is hilarious. a genuinely good deal gets voted cold on a 'hot deals' website.
Great deal for 150ml.
Ordered the 100ml of Homme Sport in the end for under £50. Thanks OP! This deal was Hot regardless what the masses say
Wow! Chanel Chance EDT rrp £74 bought for £57.60!! Thanks guys.
Still alot money for 150ml bottle just cos it has Chanel name on it.

Still alot money for 150ml bottle just cos it has Chanel name on it.

I'm not paying for the name, I'm paying for the scent and how long it lasts! Couple of sprays of this lasts hours on end and CONSTANTLY receives compliments.

Love it.
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