Change up Blu-Ray £0.01 HMV

Change up Blu-Ray £0.01 HMV

Found 9th Apr 2011
Just found this must be a mis-price wonder if they will honour it?


It doesn't even add to basket!!

Well given that it's a preorder which has a release date of January 2013, I'm pretty sure that will give them ample time to not honour it.
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HMV pre orders are always like this.

like anything thats 1p on hmv.its impossible to add to basket,so no,they wont honour it


HMV pre orders are always like this.

Yes, this is given as 1p before it hits the market - probably at £19.99 or thereabouts...

So they don't have to honour lowest prices on pre-orders like amazon usually do

A quick search shows no release date for The Change-Up if that's the one. Keep checking!
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