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Clint Eastwoods mastery as a director, established over the past decade and a half with Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby, Letters from Iwo Jima, and others, continues with Changeling, a 2008 offering based on a shocking but all-too-true story about child abduction and police corruption in 1920s Los Angeles. Single mother Christine Collins (Angelina Jolie, excellent in a role with somewhat limited parameters) finds her 9-year-old son, Walter, missing when she returns home from work one day. She files a report with the Los Angeles Police Department, an outfit that was wildly unpopular at the time (in his regular radio broadcast, a crusading pastor played by John Malkovich decries the force as "violent and corrupt," adding that "our protectors are our brutalizers"). When a child roughly matching Walters description turns up in Illinois five months later, the LAPD, intent on salvaging its tattered reputation, is only too eager to claim that he is Collins missing child. Little matters that hes three inches shorter, is circumcised (Walter wasnt), and fails to pass muster with Walters dentist, schoolteacher, and others; the cops, in particular the odious Captain J.J. Jones (Jeffrey Donovan), insist that the mistake is Christines, not theirs. What follows is almost too nightmarish to believe--except that it actually happened. Exasperated by Collins continued claim that "Walter" is a fraud, they trot out a doctor to reinforce the bogus ID, declare her unfit as a mother, and finally have her committed to a local psychopathic ward. Through it all, Collins, bolstered by the pastor and thousands of outraged Angelenos, refuses to sign a document that would exonerate the police for their egregious error. As for Walter, its only when the LAPDs seemingly only honest detective (Michael Kelly) takes matters into his own hands that the grisly mystery of the childs fate begins to be solved. That would have been a good place for the film to conclude, too. Unfortunately, it goes on for more than another half hour, with innumerable false endings that add nothing to the story and could just as easily have been summarised with a few sentences before the final credits. That flaw aside (and its a major one), Changeling is a powerful film, with a realistic period feel, a wonderfully muted vibe and color palette, and an understated score by Eastwood himself.


Hot! Great film, Clint's a master at making uplifting/downbeat films!

Enjoyed this film, well acted and nicely shot. Jeffrey Donovan is a bit of a git, a nice turnaround if you are a Burn Notice fan.

Brilliant film, but its mighty depressing.

I enjoyed this film, although feeling sad for the woman.....great film!

Not sure I'd want to watch this again, it is slightly depressing as others have said. But worth a watch!
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