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BOTH Inbetweeners Movies now FREE on 4 On Demand for the next 30 days
Refreshed 7th MayRefreshed 7th May
To mark the Inbetweeners 10th Anniversary, 4OD has made FREE the Inbetweeners 1 & 2 Movies for FREE for 30 days only. ''Want to feel old? It has been a decade to the day… Read more
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Defo worth a watch.


But its my birthday!


indeed, i think only two movie scenes have had me in really painful side splitting stitches before, inbetweeners two water slide scene, and old schools dart gun scene with stifler ;)


hope the season 4 rumours are true


streaming wnakers

Trainspotting film (danny Boyle).    Channel 4 all4 film4 till Sunday
Found 28th Jan 2017Found 28th Jan 2017
Trainspotting is free to watch on ch4 player till tomorrow
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​Ewan knows when something is a **** state of afairs.


Don't give them an excuse to Hollywood-Up Trainspotting


maybe we should be pronouncing it Tea to Trainspotting


At first I thought it odd an remake for the Terminator to go trainspotting.


Why is they new film called T2 Trainspotting ? why not just T2 or Trainspotting 2,it doesn't make sense.

Lots of great free World TV Drama - Walter Presents on All4
Found 14th Jan 2017Found 14th Jan 2017
No its not new but I'd forgotten all about this so figured others may not be aware of it.... Usually look forward to some good world tv on BBC4 but I was disappointed to see that … Read more

Deutschland 83 is superb.


I'll give Locked up a go next then after I've finished The Passenger


Locked up is brilliant! But i cant find anywhere to watch season 2


Watched first episode of Locked up - yes it is brilliant - thanks :p


Locked Up is brilliant

[Students Only] Office Christmas Party Screening
Found 1st Dec 2016Found 1st Dec 2016
HOW TO GET YOUR FREE TICKETS: Tickets, as always, are free and exclusive to students across the land. Just visit your nearest Picturehouse Cinema to collect your free ticket from … Read more

bloody students. they don't deserve discounts, what they need is increased tuition fees to pay for our heating bills, bus pass and prescriptions.

Each month, once a month, we hold a FREE student screening at Picturehouse Cinemas
Found 27th Apr 2016Found 27th Apr 2016
No good for me, hopefully help some of you out Freebie if NUS holder, if you need a NUS card grab one here… Read more
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any clue which films will be shown when?


OP .. I've made your above link active: Freebie if NUS holder, if you need a NUS card grab one here Lol.


Reminds me when i go to the cinema Picturehouses link when site up and running again

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The Inbetweeners 2 (DVD) £5 Delivered @ Channel 4 Store
Found 16th Apr 2015Found 16th Apr 2015
The Inbetweeners 2 reunites Jay, Neil, Simon and Will for their latest critically acclaimed smash-hit comedy adventure. Having left school in the summer the boys have gone their s… Read more
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Terrible movie, the episodes and first movie was much better but still worth a punt at this price


That was a test and once again you passed ;)


One below it ;) £2.68 + £1.26.


£10 spend.


If you have prime, then yes . Take a free trial if you don't, with a new email .

The Inbetweeners Movie (first one) - watch free on All4
Found 3rd Apr 2015Found 3rd Apr 2015
Yes, it has been on telly loads but you can now watch it on All4 up till 30th April for free. You have to sign in/create a free account (you can use a facebook account for this ste… Read more
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HEY HEY HEY I spotted a mistake in this movie. The character Will (real name Joe) jumps of the boat at the end and the lanky one Neil calls him Joe as he is shouting jump! I spotted that, me all by myself, yeah me!

Free to view box sets on Channel 4OD
Found 3rd Dec 2014Found 3rd Dec 2014
You may already be aware (can't see it posted), but Channel 4 on demand (4OD) have a huge variety of complete box sets that are free to view online! Titles include: The Inbetween… Read more
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had the freeze at first ad break loads of times via Now TV Box. Utopia. You'll either think its stylish and love it, or think its unwatchable and horrific.


it's not a box set, there is now flaming BOX. grr.


I haven't watched 3,4 or 5 demand for a while now as the adverts are horrendous. so you, missed the end of your show now watch 4 mins of adverts then skip forward to next ad break repeat until you through 20 mins of adverts. then you realise you have seen the next 30 seconds so try to fast forward to them and are hit with another 2 minutes of adverts! they are rubbish.


Not bad for free, but isn't 4OD the one with all the ads? I'd rather spend £6 a month on Netflix, then have to watch 5 minutes ads for a 25 minute program.


ha ha..... simply .. ha ha.

The Inbetweeners *ALL SERIES FREE* on 4oD
Found 22nd Apr 2014Found 22nd Apr 2014
FREE and no ads if you use adblock ;) hours of entertainment right in front of you! you can also watch on your PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One = on your tv

Well I voted hot because of the 'hidden' tip for AdBlock. Thank you SO much. I never knew such a thing was out there. And I paid them a modest sum (although you don't have to). Worth it's weight in gold.


Yeh but the Parky will chase you.


lmao, that was brilliant, made my day.


Because it's never been a paid-for service. Might as well post about grass being free to walk on.


Because it's a TV show on a catch up channel. Not exactly a great freebie, can also get songs of praise on iPlayer if you want to list that?

Trainspotting Steelbook (DVD/Blu-ray) at Channel 4 DVD: usually £19.85, now in a 2 for £10 offer
Found 8th Mar 2014Found 8th Mar 2014
Not sure if this is a glitch or whether it's intentional! The Trainspotting steelbook is showing up on the 4DVD store as £19.85 if you buy it on its own, but as part of the two for… Read more

Just sent me a £5 refund and no bluray. Ballsacks.


has anyone actually received this steelbook because if they didn't then there gunna be giving away a load of free copies of the film


I got the email also. I doubt they did sell out, as most people ordered on Sat, and it was removed from the site on Sun..... they'd have known they didnt have enough stock by the time Monday lunchtime came around but hey, a free BlueRay of Trainspotting instead, not ideal, but they could have just said, not enough to fill.. tough


They havent lied. They had stock, they sold some, now they dont have stock. simple


Sure it's not the same, but you have lost nothing. You have gained a free Blu-Ray which does not happen every day. I also received the email, and opted for the Blu-Ray.

Misfits Series 1-5 (Blu-ray) (The Complete Collection) - £42.25 (Pre-order - 16th Dec) Delivered @ Channel 4 Store
Found 11th Dec 2013Found 11th Dec 2013
Cheapest place to purchase from right now.. and it's directly from channel 4's store. 12 Discs, all 5 series. Format: Blu-Ray Released: 16/12/13 Certificate: 18 Label: Channel 4 … Read more

Brilliant first 2 or 3 series'. Then it went......well, a bit crap


My other half would love this


cheers for the spoiler....


its lost its way hasnt it, the final episode was pants, time travel....pah


Couldn't agree more :)

E4 Spotify App
Found 8th Dec 2013Found 8th Dec 2013
Free Spotify app that contains playlists with the episode by episode soundtracks of a bunch of shows.
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Fruitshare, join the fruity revolution
Found 16th Oct 2013Found 16th Oct 2013
Hugh’s on a mission to make the most of fruit. He wants as many people as possible to grow their own, so what better place to start than our schools? Link should send you to the p… Read more

Gives the teachers something to snack on whilst on strike


Good project for the little ones.:)


Wow! Hope they restock soon and keep up the good work.. but for them to run out so quickly must mean it was a hot deal X)


Says they've already run out of their free packs.

Free Screening - Enders Game -   24th Oct - E4 Slackers Club
Found 14th Oct 2013Found 14th Oct 2013
Free Screening - Enders Game - 24th Oct - E4 Slackers Club Abbeygate Picturehouse 8pm Arts Picturehouse Cambridge 9pm Belmont Picturehouse 8.30pm Cameo Picturehouse 9pm Cinema C… Read more

the only relevant thing is to ring them on an 0871 number! I've never been to one of these so was hoping someone could just tell me how it goes. Just turn up and get a random seat?


read the page


I am a do you get tickets? I clicked on the link and it just had the list of cinemas...


Been looking forward to this movie for AGES! Now how to look like a student ... hmmm ...


For students

Homeland Series 2 - 4od - All Platforms.
Found 16th Sep 2013Found 16th Sep 2013
Back for a limited time. I'm getting some revision in before the 3rd season! Enjoying it all again... Btw - UPDATED PS3 4od app available as of today!
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If anyone missed this last week, episodes 1-4 are back today followed by the rest of the series next week.


53min 23 sec ad free version, that's the full episode, isn't it? why the hell are they releasing that, i guess nobody's waiting for 29th, apart from you apparently :)


It is on the 29th, that release is what's called a 'workprint'. They usually have scenes or SFX missing, but this one is apparently pretty much the complete thing. I've avoided as I'm just watching on C4 this year...


just watched the episode 1 of season 3 which i thought it would be on on 29th, great story line


Love homeland, great show!

freebies televisually examined - lifestyle - something for nothing - channel 4
Found 19th Jun 2013Found 19th Jun 2013
programme on channel 4 - haven't seen it so can't say whether it's worth watching.

Yes they will when you happen to have a CH 4 film crew with you....and will give them national publicity.


Your local brewery will give you two free casks of beer, just for asking, Allegedly.


It was meh, gave a shout out to seefilmsfirst and showfilmsfirst. Dont remember hotUKdeals being mentioned though. If you've got the time give it a watch.

Free trip to Fantasy Island
Found 4th May 2012Found 4th May 2012
Free trip to Fantasy Island with a good dollop of Area 51 thrown in! Yummy! When you get to Essex, ask for Frank… Read more
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*In the voice and comedy style of Dave Lamb* "Please note this recipe is the contestant's own and has not been tested professionally. Like the Come Dine With Me contestants, you could be creating a culinary delight or dining disaster, so switch on your ovens and be bold. ..." Gotta love dave lamb xD


it's funnier than his jokes lol


What on earth...


The plane, the plane Boss :p


I watched this tonight, it was hilarious!