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Scythe: Rise of Fenris Expansion - £29.13 delivered @ Chaos Cards
106° Expired
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Note, this is an expansion. The base game is required to play it. I've still not got round to getting this (and will hold off for the moment) but I know a couple of people with it… Read more
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Price gone up, expired


Odd as showing lower for me, their site has been playing up though


Showing as 34.95 for me


Not sure why it was expired as showing in stock for me


I've played a lot of scythe too which is why this appeals as it apparently breathes a lot of new life into scythe. We found that games were going very similar ways in scythe once the group got to grips with what order to do stuff in etc.

Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth Board Game - £60.75 delivered with code @ Chaos Cards
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Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Single use code per customer as would have been UKGE this weekend. 5% off I own this and it is fabulous. Play it solo and really enjoy it. 8.1 on BGG . NBP is Zatu "But I suppo… Read more

Though the code no longer works this is back in stock.just ordered myself (y)


Only played it solo controlling two characters (Gimli and Legolas). I have found it hard and passed the first mission with 1 threat point below the limit, failed the second mission badly (Legolas failed a last stand, Gimli passed one in the same round), passed the 3rd with Legolas down again (passed a darkness last stand, failed a damage last stand. Gimli completed objective in same turn). That being said, it has been fun and memorable and the story is great. I've heard it's a better 2 player game than a 3-4 player game which I can see. I intend to do adventure mode with my eldest once I've had a play through myself as got caught out the first mission trying to do too much and only realised at the last minute I was about to fail.


Hey Jay. Have you only played this solo or with a group too? I realise it's obvious to say the experience is different but I think some of the foibles of this game may only be present (or more obviously so) in group play; I can certainly imagine solo being a smoother game. Do you play with 2 characters, or more? Years ago I played Drizzt solo using 2 characters and that was a good experience. When we (my group) started this, hmm must have been last year, we really didn't get on with it - just too difficult but in a 'you're toast no matter what you do' kind of way, and we weren't the only ones who thought so. The new 'easy' (AKA normal) mode that was added to the app definitely made the game more enjoyable and we started from scratch earlier this year though of course had to mothball it in March.


If you have tabletop simulator, the mage Knight Ultimate mod is supposed to be very good. Can't see it anywhere else currently


Thank you!

Chocolate Factory Board Game £33.95 @ Chaos Cards
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
I love the look of this one and been meaning to pick it up. Only 4 left at Chaos Cards although Titan does have stock for slightly more (not allowed here but i've ordered from them… Read more
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Mine was a great experience too, I'd much rather keep these smaller places afloat than Amazon if I can help it. Looks like a great little shop, the wife and I where thinking of visiting the shop in Telford and making a day of it around Shropshire, its not a million miles away from Wirral.


Titan were really good and prompt with me, plus they were cheap and I think it's a one man band. Check them out on FB as well, he has a decent page and keeps it updated with new stock etc. I had the Unlock Adventures off of them


Really looking forward to trying The Crew hopefully tomorrow. Toyed with idea of the German version for ages but we'd pre-ordered the English version ages ago for cheaper and stuck to guns but fed up waiting and stock seems to have arrived at other small retailers this week so used Titan after seeing you mention them earlier . Already on way ,so sod Amazon.


The German version of the crew is always cheap on amazon and only need to print rules off in English. No text on cards. Not played London but its a Martin Wallace game so should be ok.


You got me looking at London and its £12.07 delivered on Amazon today, I'm tempted but not sure how it might be with just 2 players.. Have just managed to snag a copy of Undaunted Normandy so need to spend time with that one now for a bit plus my wife has The Crew ordered yesterday and already dispatched (gave up on Amazon after preordering before lockdown).. Still tempted, that price for such a highly rated game on BGG is a dilemma...

Paranormal Detectives £22.95 Delivered @ Chaos Cards
205° Expired
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Similar idea to Mysterium but with less interpretation of images on cards but with the ghost player using abilites like using Tarot cards or making a word puzzle or even drawing us… Read more

Looks good. Have some heat... However OOS


Ordered... thank you Free delivery over £20 spend!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a brilliant game. Highly recommended!

Scythe Board Game - £53.95 delivered @ Chaos Cards
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Still a great game and one I enjoy getting to the table. A decent solo mode on it too. 8.3 on BGG . It is a time of unrest in 1920s Europa. The ashes from the first great war st… Read more
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Glad you enjoyed it, I'm very tempted by that bundle as scythe is worth it for the £9 alone and it is a hassle getting it all out of the box to play solo


ADecided to give the game a try first on the computer and went for the £9.50 Humble Bundle as suggested above by a few people. Scythe looks really well done and I imagine a lot faster to play with all the tokens etc done for you. And you can play against computer as well as friends, either on line or pass a laptop round. But I've been really enjoying simpler games included, Carcassonne and Splendour, nice to be able to play without finding another game player. It's available for another few days, I'd recommend it


Cheers. I never seem to think of YouTube. Must be an age thing or the fact I don't like cats lol. Ta again for all ur help (y) It would be good to try to steer SWMBO away from Monopoly haha.


There are a fair few playthrough videos on YouTube as well. Can see if it looks like the sort of thing you'd be interested in. There's also this offering that I can't help but love


Thanks for that. Food for thought. I might ask friends to see if anyone has got it and what they think.

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Pitchcar (Board Game) £42.95 Chaos Cards
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Free delivery. Great fun this game, highly recommended! Cheapest price I've seen. Build your own track, choose your car, and pitch it ! Choose the best trajectory using the saf… Read more
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War of the ring is great, its not a game its an experience though, really really cool.




I'm going to try adventure mode with my oldest. Currently constructing an insert then will move onto player mats.


I think the weight system on BGG could be a lot better. It ought to tell you why they've designated things one weight or another. If it's complex mechanics or intricate rules or multiple available actions for example. I tend to go for medium weight ones but played some heavy ones that feel as light as stuff rated a 2.5 (to me)


Thanks - makes me feel better. I will give it a go this weekend.

Ticket to Ride Europe board game - £29.85 Delivered at Chaos Cards
485° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
I've had my eye on this for a while but it's either been out of stock or about £50 everywhere. From the craggy hillsides of Edinburgh to the sunlit docks of Constantinople, from t… Read more

Indeed they are, cheers (party)


(lol) Some things are just meant to be. Enjoy!


Indeed it does and we do like a drink in this house so I doubt it will last long, it's actually nuts how prudently that took us just over the £50 free delivery threshold as it was purely by accident rather than design but what result, absolutely perfect ;)


Damn, that gin sounds good too!


Sorry to drag this post back up but as you can see we've finally just pulled the trigger and we're really looking forward to a couple of G+T's whilst rattling around Europe (y)

Magic The Gathering - Dominaria x12 Booster Packs £23.95 @ Chaos Cards
154° Expired
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Great deal over at Chaos Cards - They're doing 12 packs of Dominaria boosters for £23.99 (or cheaper if you sign up for membership and use a discount code) Makes it less than £2 pe… Read more

Ordered one yesterday! Added the set of Ravnica Allegiance themed boosted packs also on sale and used £4 off voucher code EASTER-BUNNY.


Not many valuable cards in this expansion set :/


Good find, heat added!


£2.50 off with APRIL-SHOWERS


Good first deal MtG isn't my thing but heat anyway!

Cry Havoc board game by Portal Games - £16.95 (+£2.16 Postage) @ Chaos Cards
189° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Cry Havoc is an asymmetric, card-driven area control game for 2-4 players. Each player controls one of the four unique races and fights viciously to gather the most Crystals on th… Read more

This is a solid game and also a very good price if you're interested in miniature painting as it's got a bunch of minis you can practice painting on. It's huge though, needs a lot of space around the board, takes about 2 hours to play and allow an hour (30/30) for setup and putting stuff away again! It's definitely one I only get out now and again. But it has special rules for 2-3 players so is playable by a couple or small family, which is always nice to see, especially at the current time.


I think someone mentioned on here that they produced too many, hence the low price.


I’ve played it a few times and it’s decent. It doesn’t set the board game world on fire, but I had fun with it. Whether you consider it complex depends on your perspective. If you haven’t played board games beyond the likes of Monopoly it will certainly seem complex, and it is more complex than gateway games such as Pandemic. In the brand scheme of things though it isn’t too bad, and wouldn’t actually be a bad choice for someone looking to get into the hobby and try something a little meatier than the gateway games they might have played. It’s well worth a go at this price either way. Board games are expensive and it’s difficult to find one with this sort of production value and scale for this sort of price. For some reason this one has dipped to this sort of price in the past, but definitely a hot deal either way.


Looks complicated and needs a lot of space but I’ve taken a punt as I’m just starting my journey into board games that aren’t the run of the mill type. Cheers Op


Here's a guide taking you through playing the game. Quite complex with a large board and many pieces. Our kitchen table was barely big enough to play. We play a few board games but with it taking a while to set up and being quite long to play we haven't had this out too often.

Magnificent Flying Machines Board Game £26.95 @ Chaos Cards
80° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Not played this one and the reviews are a little mixed but I think it looks pretty good and interesting so is one I would give a go if given the chance! 6.4 on BGG . NBP is 365ga… Read more
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Could be worse, my 8 year old regularly beats me at Jaipur ;( I did win at Keyflower on BGA though just now (y)


Well tonight she beat me again at Imhotep and then at Fight for Olympus. ;( ;(


I managed to convince my wife to play Terra Mystica with me and she thrashed me! I did beat her at lost Cities to make up for it though (lol)


My wife bought Imhotep The Duel which arrived last night, cracking little Kosmos game, I lost of course. :( I can only ever beat her at 7 wonders duel or Fight for Olympus. Its the taking part and drinking that counts.


Just watching the game demo on Utube, not played a board game on a board for too many years

Nusfjord Board Game £19.11 delivered @ Chaos Cards
73° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Again, credit goes to the Board Game Trading and Chat UK FB group as had an alert for this on CC that didn't trigger and saw it on there! Back in stock and cheapest around at the m… Read more
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You are welcome, there's a fair few people on here who would be able to give you advice so hope some of them see this and chip in (y)


It's also 22.49 on ebay (y)


Genuinely, thank you so much for taking the time to write all of that! I'm trying to get into "proper" games and had no idea where to start, everything on line was a bit overwhelming (confused) I know what I will be spending my evening doing now (y)


If anyone still wants a copy it can be had at 365 Games for £22.99


To be honest, I had geared myself up for getting it but I'm underwhelmed by it. I'll probably wait for retail and see what it's like then. I was 100% convinced I'd be backing it but can't justify that amount on something I'm not committed to

Great Western Trail Board Game £31.95 @ Chaos Cards
162° Expired
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Been meaning to play this for years so might take the opportunity to give it a go. 8.3 on BGG , NBP is 365games. America in the 19th Century: You are a rancher and repeatedly h… Read more
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Been thinking of getting Arkwright for that purpose (lol) Did manage to convince my wife to play Terra Mystica with me the other day, she beat me!


Great game, but very complex. Probably ideal for lockdown. You'll have months to learn.


Keyflower is very good. Its a game I'd happily play


It's 7.49 on Fanatical pretty much constantly anyway so will probably pick it up there. I'd be the same to be honest, or at the very most use it to trial games I'm considering buying to see how they work. To me nothing beats being sat round a table with a group of friends having a chat and playing a decent game but needs must ib these times. Played a fair bit of BGA and may do later as well, a friend wants to try K2 so think might look at that. I really want to give keyflower a go as would like to buy that but would like to know if its for me or not (I think it probably is)


It's well worth 7.50 assuming still on sale. I know there is a lot of talk about publishers losing out on unofficial mods but I'm only paying games I or my friends own as I want the board game industry to flourish but obviously that's just my stance. Gloomhaven mod being particularly time consuming which is great!

Prêt-à-Porter Board Game £34.95 @ Chaos Cards
162° Expired
Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Not everyones cup of tea but gets good reviews and a bit different. 7.4 on BGG , NBP is Magic Madhouse. Prêt-à-Porter is an economic strategy game set in a world of fashion. Pl… Read more
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I've never played it but it looks like the sort of thing you would dismiss for the theme but is actually great. A bit like patchwork (although obviously completely different games)


A reasonably old game but obviously popular enough to get a reprint last year. Reasonable score on board game geek and quite accessible so could be worth it if the theme appeals.


I miss my free coffees :( Wait a minute...

Paladins of the West Kingdom Board Game £30.80 with code @ Chaos Cards
185° Expired
Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
Paladins of the West Kingdom Board Game £30.80 with code @ Chaos Cards
Single use per customer code for £2.50 off this. Part 2 of the West Kingdom Trilogy from Garphill Games. Again, not played but looks great and I have played the North Sea Trilogy… Read more

Code now expired so deal gone too


Mine is 8, he loves Castles of Caladale, Jaipur, patchwork, play TTR on his tablet but we don't actually own a copy (shock) . Tried him on carcassonne and he was OK with that. Got Agricola Family Edition and Ethnos to try next


Looks out of my target age range. Young lad is 7. Itching to buy it though. We were playing ticket to ride last night, still great fun.


The 3rd installment was recently in KS as well, Viscounts of the West Kingdom. All three (Architects, Paladins and Viscounts) look great.


Thanks for advice!

Brass: Birmingham Board Game £44.95 with code @ Chaos Cards
113° Expired
Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
Brass: Birmingham Board Game £44.95 with code @ Chaos Cards
Single use code per customer to get £5 off £40 spend on board games. Not played this one personally but gets a lot of praise. 8.6 on BGG . NBP is Magic Madhouse. Brass: Birming… Read more

And yet you felt compelled to click on the deal and write a comment about it! (annoyed)


The world would be boring if we all loved everything. It's good to know there are others who don't necessarily think the world shines out of Martin Wallace's arse. I played London quite recently, and whilst I thought the theme and complexity of it were excellent, I didn't really enjoy the game. Then again, I've backed his upcoming Rocketmen on KS, so what the hell do I know? :) To inject some positivity - good deal. Heat added. EDIT - Can't add heat. The deal's gone.


Great game lots of strategy


Brass: Lancashire is one of my favourite games. I missed the original KS for the deluxe version so backed the Iron Clays KS to pimp my copy up.


Was pleased otherwise I was in danger of buying it.

PORTAL GAMES Cry Havoc was £67.99 now £16.95 + £2.16 P&P @ Chaos Cards
79° Expired
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
PORTAL GAMES Cry Havoc was £67.99 now £16.95 + £2.16 P&P @ Chaos Cards
FREE Delivery if you can get your order over £20 Some amazing reviews of this game, was voted "best game of the year" in 2016 when it was launched. I can see a lot of gaming goi… Read more

I wish I knew, I have honey installed, it checked 20 codes, found one and added it.


What code did you use because it doesn't work?


Thanks. I've watched the video and understand the basic gameplay. The main thing that worries me with games in general is how complex they make the instructions and how needlessly they use in game jargon. In the video in game events seem to be fairly simple 'add a gem to every field area without a gem' or 'add a two extra characters to this space'. I tried to play yugioh with my son because he loves it but it did my head in with stuff like this.... We are also quite happy to strip elements out of games and build our way up through a few plays to the full game. It may be heresy to some... But the buildings stuff wasn't covered very well in the video, if its a really complicated element we will ignore it til we've understood the base character movement and battle mechanics. Maybe we will start brining it in on play 5 or 6. The games use of point ladders, and a Space where the players turns are shown using coloured markers seemed to indicate the games well thought out and the makers are keen to make the process and flow clear.


There's actually loads, LOTS are out of stock, but I bought this and 7 Wonders Duel yesterday for £30 includin delivery using a Honey code.


Any other games on there a good price that anyone recommends with this?

Dinosaur Island - two players board game £19.11 delivered at Chaos Cards
68° Expired
Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Dinosaur Island - two players board game £19.11 delivered at Chaos Cards
£16.95 £2.16
Hi all, good price for a good game. I also bought Chronicles of Crime for £23.95 and used SPRING-BOARD discount code to get £5 off the total order.

@MazzaMaz Autocorrected?


Do HUKD moderators change posts? I swear I wrote Duelosaur when I posted the deal (confused)


If it was dinosaur island for this price we'd have another bout of panic buying...


This is duelosaur island not dinosaur island


Great game. £16.48 delivered at Zatu. Almost half price.

7 Wonders Duel £15.55 + £2.16 P&P (free on orders above £20) at Chaos Cards
169° Expired
Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
7 Wonders Duel £15.55 + £2.16 P&P (free on orders above £20) at Chaos Cards
Cheapest price I can see available online right now, even when you add delivery (which is free for orders above £20) Really fun and interesting two player board game, recently got… Read more

Back in stock


This was out of stock this morning as I saw it at this price! Good to see it back in stock, so thanks for the heads up! Heat!


Excellent game. Don’t get science to work as well as I can in the normal one bit one of the best 2 players out there


A must have for 2 players game!


The first "proper" game I bought last year. 6months later we have about 20! What a brilliant game.

Pie Face Board Game £6 / £8.16 delivered on Chaos Cards (loads more cheap games too)
46° Expired
Posted 21st MarPosted 21st Mar
Pie Face Board Game £6 / £8.16 delivered on Chaos Cards (loads more cheap games too)
Hey all, Bored of social distancing? Children or other half irritating you while you're stuck inside? Why not play a board game that allows you to smack them in the chops with fa… Read more