chappi dog food £6.95 prime / £11.70 non prime @ Amazon

chappi dog food £6.95 prime / £11.70 non prime @ Amazon

Edited by:"amazoncrazy"Found 7th Jun 2017
only one of these sorry people great price if you want some cheap dog food
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People who buy food Luke this only realise how much they loved their pet when it crosses the rainbow bridge. The question they never ask themselves is whether they gave a thought beyond cost to their dogs wellbeing and lifespan. Look at the labels please. Is it meat or wheat?. Which would be best for a dog that is so loyal to you. Nutrition is only one factor in animal wellness bur why do so many "know" that their dog food is best even if they pay a lot for it. I for one, will always be open minded on my dogs behalf. Who else can it trust?
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