Character Options  Dalek Electronic Voice Changer Mask £10 @ Hamleys

Character Options Dalek Electronic Voice Changer Mask £10 @ Hamleys

Found 1st Jul 2010
Exterminate, Exterminate! All inferior creatures are to be considered the enemy of the Daleks and destroyed! Doctor Who's worst enemy, the Daleks are a hideous mutant race. Genetically engineered to remove every single emotion - except hate, they are the ultimate evil foe. Encased in an outer shell of battle armour, inside lurks a gruesome creature. They despise all other living beings and will exterminate anything and everything they come across, without exception!

Join the quest to take over the universe and speak like a Dalek! Put on the Dalek Voice Changer Mask and get ready to scare all your family and friends! The Mask features the famous eyestalk and 3 Activations Buttons to make you sound just like a Dalek. Button 1: Dalek Phrases. Button 2: Exterminator sound effect. Button 3: Dalek Voice Changer.


Good price. Can also order product via Amazon and Hamleys at same price for Nectar. Don't forget 5% Quidco if going via Hamleys directly.

Some of the moaners who trawl through this
site looking for things to whine about will
probably love this.
Heat added.

A great find amibees! This deal has been featured over at ]Playpennies!
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