Charcoal 5KG 75p @ Asda

Charcoal 5KG 75p @ Asda

Found 23rd Sep 2010Made hot 23rd Sep 2010
Lumpwood charcoal, get 'em while they're still there


instore only? couldn't find online

good find

Nice find altho I would have preferred briquettes

Thanks op

Briquettes are cakk - they're all ash. Lumpwood is where it's at, baby.

Briquettes were at Stafford store for £1 a bag yesterday

LUMPWOOD all the way


Briquettes were at Stafford store for £1 a bag yesterday

D'oh. I paid £2 for the Briquettes a couple of weeks ago - 5KG bag (red/black coloured bag)

Just bagged a load of this. They had the easy to light stuff thats in little brown bags. Just hope my garage doesn't catch light or it will be going for days!!!!!!!!!

Got to be a hot deal

Nothing left in Colchester :-( but stock up at Wilkinsons instead with 75% off!

Bought 4x Bags at Asda Living (Telford) Today. They had 2 Pallets of them out the front, The 4x1kg Lightable bags were £1 and the 5kg bags of loose briquettes were £0.75 each... bargain!
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