Charcoal Mouthwash (500ml) - 95p @ Poundstretcher

Charcoal Mouthwash (500ml) - 95p @ Poundstretcher

Posted 7th Aug
500ml bottle of XOC Charcoal Mouthwash, activated charcoal helps restore natural whiteness as well as combat bad breath, plaque, and germs, cheaper than the £ shops
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Waste of money this stuff.
Absolutely hilarious what people will buy when it's marketed well.

Complete nonsense in a bottle.
Hi,got some of this for my barbecue can't get it to light?
Any ideas ?
Rolefitleader07/08/2019 22:00

Hi,got some of this for my barbecue can't get it to light?Any ideas ?

Tried this and their toothpaste together once, ended up looking like a negative version of the Black and White Minstrels!
I have bought some in the past and the charcoal tooth paste and it does not work. No better than any other product on the market. Though Corsodyl is the best.
oh no does it taste like charcoal and is it gonna black out my teeth?
It's really not as good as people make out to be, my dentist has said not to use anything charcoal related. Something's not right. Don't ride the hype machine folks.
That's a good way to damage your teeth, don't use anything abbrasive against your enamel or you'll take it off and end up with lovely natural yellow teeth.

Leave the hygenists to do their jobs
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