Charge spoon bike saddle £15.99 @ JeJames Cycles
Charge spoon bike saddle £15.99 @ JeJames Cycles

Charge spoon bike saddle £15.99 @ JeJames Cycles

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Charge spoon mtb/road bike saddle. In black at this price. Cheapest I could find and free delivery.


Thanks for your deal. I've added the merchant and image for you

good saddle - good price too. no need for anything more expensive IMO

Paid £30+ from Wiggle a while back - good value seat

looks very comfy!!

I've got this too, nice saddle. And I paid more than this, hot!

Good price for the Spoon, I've got the Scoop saddle and find it very comfortable under bum

Never bought from that site. Good find... its going on my new commuter project now! thankyou

Ace saddle, I have 2 Spoons with Cromo Rails, one with TiRails and a Charge Scoop.

Good saddle but the raised stitching ruins shorts so I would avoid if you have a decent pair of bibs.

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Can't say that I've had that problem with mine. 5000 miles same 2 pairs of bibs. What sort of bibs are we talking?

I've got the knife, spoon and scoop saddles (waiting for the fork to complete the set !) I find the spoon close to perfect, great all rounder and comfy for long rides, i've read the stitching can wreck shorts, hasn't in my case but your experience may vary, the knife is a slightly trimmed version of the spoon and also comfy and versatile (bit better for those concerned with their bikes weight) I've found the scoop most disappointing..i've laboured with it for around 1200 miles this year and i can't get on with it, so i'm buying another spoon (thanks to cassius8011's excellent find) and it's ebay for the scoop
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