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Posted 25 September 2022

Charge Spoon bike saddle - various colours £20.99 at Tredz

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

The Charge Spoon Saddle is extremely popular for all XC, Trail, Enduro and Road riders. Why? Because it is extremely comfortable. The longer you ride in this saddle the more you'll appreciate it. No more numbing pain on your sit bones.

It's light too at just 285g.

Charge have put a lot of thought into the design of the Spoon saddle. It's a mid-width saddle with a pressure relief channel that also keeps the blood flowing to your legs.

The shape is very supportive with the sweep towards the rear and drop at the nose. This nose has enough width to allow you to shift forwards on steep climbs or when you're really powering along - you can alter your riding position.

It's durable too, the Spoon will perform for a long time. It's simply fantastic and at this price point… untouchable. Just look at the positive reviews it receives.

Key Features:

Usage: XC, Enduro, Road Cycling
Weight: 285g
Design: Mid-width saddle with pressure relief channel
Width: 145mm
Length: 280mm
Colour Options:

Cromo Brown
Cromo White
Chromo Green Camo
Cromo Red
Cromo Blue
Cromo Snow Camo
Cromo Black
Green Camo
White Camo
Occasionally, without notice, manufacturers change product design and/or specifications.
Tredz More details at Tredz
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  1. Avatar
    Excellent deal, thanks OP. Heat given, theres some more limited edition colours here tredz.co.uk/.Ch…htm at the same price. Must have done 1000+ miles on the 'Geometry' colour one and its very comfortable!
    Hot damn! They are eye burning! Noice.

    Only fear is it'd make it more noticeable to a tea-leaf.
  2. Avatar
    If you sign up you can get another £5 off (edited)
    Only on a spend of £30 or more, apparently
  3. Avatar
    Tried +10 saddles all upwards of £50 before I gave in to the tsunami of recommendations for this. Bought it and can say its superb. Even did 1000m in 9 days on it with zero issues
    Pshhh i could do about do 1000 metres in a single day if i really pace myself and am actually able to get myself off the sofa.

    Unless you mean 1000mi.... in which case i havent done that lifetime to date.
  4. Avatar
    Great lasting too - mines has seen years of hard, gritty, muddy Scottish trail centre riding and still looks fresh and straight when cleaned up. Good looking saddle too, suits any type of bike and doesn’t look out of place.
    Great price.
  5. Avatar
    Very comfortable saddles, done many sportives on these, replaced a £100+ Fizik with one of these, well worth the little extra weight.
  6. Avatar
    I've had one of these on my road bikes for a 15 years or so and love it. It's very possible my arse is shaped like the Charge Spoon at this stage.
  7. Avatar
    Good saddle, good price. I have this on two bikes and it's a good lightweight, good value option
  8. Avatar
  9. Avatar
    Any suggestions of any other decent sale items? I wouldn't mind bumping my spend up to £30 to use the voucher...
    Two saddles - two different colours.
  10. Avatar
    Everybody has their own preference but personally it’s a great saddle,I have it on my mountain bike and find it comfortable.
    I was gifted a maddison flux for my road bike, which is pretty much a clone of these but a knee injury has stopped me properly testing it out. Do I really need a new, "pretty" seat that should be about the same? Hmm.
  11. Avatar
    Great deal. Paid £40 for the Stealth black colour last year and been happy with it
  12. Avatar
    This saddle is described as mid width??? any thinner and people would assume it was broken as it would have a giant crack on it.
  13. Avatar
    Had this saddle for nearly 10 years. Getting a bit tatty. Ordered!
  14. Avatar
    Same price at Merlin if anyone prefers them. Any signup or vouchers for them?
  15. Avatar
    Nice one, OP. Grabbed a seat and a multi-tool
    Which tool did you go for?
  16. Avatar
    Can't go wrong with a spoon! Had various colours on all my bikes over the years.
  17. Avatar
    Great saddles!

    Heated OP.
  18. Avatar
    Great saddle! Heat!
  19. Avatar
    Excellent deal. From all the positive reviews on here, I went for two! Bloody Carrera saddle is torture! 😬
    Lol, I've got 2 carrera bikes and my bony arse can't stand the saddles! It's the one thing holding me back from doing more than 25mi. I might try one of these
  20. Avatar
    every arse is different
  21. Avatar
    No good for my Nobby's this seat. (edited)
  22. Avatar
    Top saddle, great price.
  23. Avatar
    I'd love to get one with a cut out, the fabric scoop alternative doesn't feel the same
  24. Avatar
    Was looking for a saddle upgrade for my Whyte 629, excellent timing
  25. Avatar
    Only the brown is £20.99. I guess the other colours are now out of stock?
  26. Avatar
    Got 2 - good saddles
  27. Avatar
    Good deal, thanks OP. I ordered one of these saddles. I have a BodyFit Tortec i-Flex Voyager saddle on my MTB already, so I will see how I get on with this one.
  28. Avatar
    Bought! Camo colour sorted, though was tempted on the bright blue! (edited)
  29. Avatar
    Black is back in stock in case anyone was put off by the bright colours 🌈
  30. Avatar
    Thanks again @oled for the post, mine and just arrived 🏻

    I didn't realise it would be a woven fabric cover on them, I was expecting a synthetic leather or something similar.
  31. Avatar
    Most colours back in stock, but price has gone up to £22.49
  32. Avatar
    For anyone that already has the limited edition colours with the fabric cover, what do you think about that compared to a standard leather/pleather seat?

    I have a standard black Madison Flux (pretty much identical) but fancied something a bit more interesting, but I'm wondering about if the new one would be more prone to a sweaty rear, a bit more slippery or less durable etc?
  33. Avatar
    Never got on with mine, numbness problems. Replace with a specialised cut out one and all good