Charge Spoon Cro-mo Bike Saddle / Seat - £14.99 delivered @ CycleSurgery

Charge Spoon Cro-mo Bike Saddle / Seat - £14.99 delivered @ CycleSurgery

Found 20th Mar 2012
I thought that I'd done well to pick up a Charge Spoon for £20 a few weeks ago - £15 is even better!

I've been through a variety of expensive road bike seats (a couple for at least 7 times the price of this one) and I believe this to be the most comfortable (excluding the Brooks B17, but that's a little too big for a racer).

"This is the Limited Edition CycleSurgery Charge Spoon saddle - the Spoon being one of the most comfortable saddles Charge make. Its comfort comes from the combination of supportive shape with pressure relief channel and its perforated pliable cover with high density padding.

Limited Edition CycleSurgery colourscheme
Cro-mo rails
Pressure Relief Channel Ensures maximum comfort by keeping pressure away from the bottom of the spine."
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My wife might fancy one of these , if its position on the bike right.
I have this saddle for my bike, bought it when it was GBP18 which I thought was a bargain at the time. As caligari says, it is definately very comfortable. Great build, and this limited edition colour is fantastic.
Been this price for a while now great saddle
Can't beat my old Selle Rolls armchair
Ordered one, thanks.
Received mine the other day and I'd recommend it, very light and comfortable.
Very good saddle. I use my on my XC MTB.
Great deal, generally seems to be about £20 and a lot of people find it very comfortable. I have the Charge Ladle, a women's version, and am very impressed compared to other saddles I've used (though as above, nothing beats the Brooks B17!)
Great Deal - Great Saddle. Heat Added. I've got this saddle on my road bike and it cost a little over £22. Buying this for my mountain bike now. Definitely most comfy saddle I've had apart from the massive gel saddle I got when I first got back on a bike but I did look like a total spoon if you'll pardon the pun.
20 quid now?
great seat at even its full price.
Can it charge an iPad, or is it limited to just charging normal phones and stuff?
^ It can only charge phones with spoon sockets im afraid.....
Fork that, then!
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