Charles Tyrwhitt - Suits from £154.95 inc P&P plus possible 8% quidco

Charles Tyrwhitt - Suits from £154.95 inc P&P plus possible 8% quidco

Found 9th Jul 2008
I just picked up a lovely suit for £150 (plus £4.95) P&P from CT. The original price is around £400. This will be the second CT suit I have purchased - having had a few designer suits I can assure the quality is second to none.

There's also a possible 8% quidco to be had, making the price £143 inc delivery.

The sales is throughout their range, with shirts now from just £17 (plus quidco). Again, I own about 8-10 CT shirts and the quality is outstanding, even with their cheaper range. I particularly like the non-iron shirts as they really don't need ironing!

Anyway, hope this is of use to someone.


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Geez, there are a bunch of sad f***ers on this site - voting cold without no explanation... What's cold about this deal? Sure, you can get cheaper suits and shirts from TopMan and Tesco, but WTF, this is a top quality suit with an excellent brand to match...

Mods - as a suggestion, can you not do a check and see which saddo's are voting cold all the time and simply ban them? It's not like we get anything out of posting deals, so what's the incentive of posting if all we get is a **** rating by a select bunch of individuals with nothing better to do with their lives? The net result will be less quality posts, which ultimately will mean less money in your pockets...

I voted HOT - a good deal for an expensive product.

Not the best in the world, but then again my last suit cost me £1500, But CT does make a decent product using good quality fabric, and is a world apart from The High Street Tat, you can usally spot a TopMan suit a mile off, as its usually a 16yr old in a very badly fitting suit all dressed up either for a court appearance or interview.

Well i openly admit to being the biggest scruff on the planet but a m8 bought one of these suits last year and was very nice and noticably a cut above the rest
so at greatly reduced prices gotta be worth a punt for my next interview or court appearance
PS attitude will get negs from the trolls even on very hot deals don't take it to heart

This company can't be that good. They dont sell Jackets or trousers in my size (36" chest and 30" waist).
It;s a shame really cause they look quite good.
Oh well....

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Thanks chaps - good to see some people appreciate a good quality suit. At the end of the day, IMO, a deal is a deal, irrespective of the price. Yes, it may not suit everyone and may be too expensive / cheap for some, but that's no reason for voting cold.

MODS - what do you think about my comment above. If that's a bit too brutal, how about forcing a the cold voter to comment on their reason?


This company can't be that good. They dont sell Jackets or trousers in … This company can't be that good. They dont sell Jackets or trousers in my size (36" chest and 30" waist).It;s a shame really cause they look quite good.Oh well....

36" chest and 30" waist! Dude seriously, there are 2 places you need to go.

1. Tesco, Asda or whichever food shop is nearest - Get something to eat!
2. The Gym - Have a serious workout!


Folk do this with deals all the time Sach - it does get annoying, especially when you see your deal go cold, only for it to appear again a couple of days later via a more 'popular' poster and it gets a scorching hot rating. Very odd at times this place.

Anyhoo, I like the suits, they look very nice and I understand the concept of quality in regard to a well tailored bit of cloth - so I voted hot.

Many thanks, voted hot. Got a good deal got 2 Jackets and 3 pairs of trousers for £304. Hopefully get quidco too!

Suspect the cold voters are those who seem to insist on listing everything that Woolworths or Tesco direct have for sale at a high price for 28 days out of season then gradually reduce before finally showing massive reduction to in price which in reality brings it to the same price as everyone else is selling anyway then lists it as a 'hot deal'.

If you want a deal hotter than this which I'm surprised isn't posted.... I see that DFS have a sale on!.....:whistling::whistling::roll::p

The prices seem to be very good, so voting hot but do they have something against short people, their trousers start at a 32" leg!! And, as has already been mentioned, you can't get a 30" waist?

Would have to say I know very little about suits (never had one, apart from the cheap tat mentioned above). They look very nice, just got to work out my size, and find the money. Voted hot.

Would have been nice if they had this a month or so ago, paid £180 for a Ted Baker one, just Jacket and trousers!

Very very good deal for an expensive product.

For the cold voters, I bet they've never worn an expensive suit nor require one becuase they watch big brother too much.

This is not your dodgy TopMan or primark cr*p, these suits are top quality stuff.

was looking for a new suit. da*n shame my size isnt available here !
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