Charles worthington Hair straightening kit £1 at Home bargains rrp

Charles worthington Hair straightening kit £1 at Home bargains rrp

Found 12th Mar 2014
Straight & smooth hair straightening kit for home use!! Great for those who have frizzy wavy hair like me!!

These did sell in boots for over £10. Bargain for £1. Box contains straightening treatment, conditioning neutraliser, after care conditioner, comb, gloves and instructions
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Never seen these b4. thanks for posting!!
Bargain, but cant use on coloured hair

Bargain, but cant use on coloured hair

Aah thanks for that!! Out of the question then
This one is specifically for coloured hair however it is not to be used within 2 weeks of having hair coloured. It also states that it should not be used with hair which has been bleached or highlighted within past 2-3 years
They are reduced for a reason - they have very, very strong chemical smell that you just can't get rid of, even after several washes. It was so bad that I had people commenting on it! Wouldn't recommend using this product, the smell is truly terrible!
Have to say I use them and although there is a 'perm solution' type smell initially for first couple of washes this disappears!! I can actually wash and dry my hair without having to straighten it every day!!
What is this ? Is this a hair straightener iron like GHD ?
It is cheap for a reason - First it doesn't work, second it is a very strong chemical that you are putting on your hair, get it wrong and watch your hair break and dissolve. Get it right and you will still have hair that could be one more treatment colour or otherwise away from being ruined.…di4 - The girl in this video had hair straight for one day, after that her hair went back to frizzy. If you believe damaging your hair for one or two days of having it straight is worth it fine.
Just got to comment also, i put this on my hair and the smell was there for about a month. Just could not get rid of it. It also ruined my hair. Its been 6 months, and my hair is still snapping off. It absolutely frazelled it. I was gutted because my hair was long, and i honestly think that i'll just have to wait until all of it is cut out.
Avoid if i was you!
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