Charlie Brooker -  Screen Burn £1.99!!  (+ Quidco)  @

Charlie Brooker - Screen Burn £1.99!! (+ Quidco) @

Found 4th Oct 2010Made hot 4th Oct 2010
Brilliant collection of his articles. Very funny!

Well worth the price. And there I was thinking me getting it at £3 a few months ago was a bargain :P


Thanks OP! Ordered.

Look forward to his articles in the Guardian so for 2 quid why not. :-D
Edited by: "newport_dyc" 4th Oct 2010

This guy is good.....Stocking filler for my dad methinks

Now £4.49

I love this guys articles, they're really a worthwhile read. Good price, I'm going to treat myself to this!

Edit: Just realised the price went up Was really looking forward to this as well..
Edited by: "moneyballs2" 4th Oct 2010

This book is based upon television shows that were being aired 10 years ago, which you will not remember or care about and also his writing style becomes borring after a few chapters of the same "rants"

Now £2.51.
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