Charlie Brooker - The Hell of it All (Book) - £5.20 inc. free delivery @ Amazon

Charlie Brooker - The Hell of it All (Book) - £5.20 inc. free delivery @ Amazon

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'Mankind clearly peaked about 40 years ago. It's been downhill ever since. For all this talk of our dazzling modern age, the two biggest advances of the past decade are Wi-Fi and Nando's. That's the best we can do'. In his latest laugh-out-loud collection of misanthropic scribblings, hideous Q-list celebrity failure Charlie Brooker tackles everything from the misery of nightclubs to the death of Michael Jackson, making room for Sir Alan Sugar, potato crisps, global financial meltdown, conspiracy theories and Hole in the Wall along the way. The collapse of civilisation has never felt this funny (unless you're a sociopath, in which case it's been an uninterrupted laugh riot since the days of the Somme). This book is guaranteed to brighten your life, put a spring in your step, and lie to you on its back cover.

About the Author
Charlie Brooker has worked as a writer, journalist, cartoonist and television and radio presenter. Recent television credits include: You Have Been Watching, Screenwipe, which won a Royal Television Society award, and Newswipe. Charlie also wrote and produced Dead Set, a BAFTA-nominated satirical horror drama for Channel 4. Other TV writing credits include the 11 O'Clock Show and the Brass Eye Paedophilia Special. Charlie is well-known for his weekly columns in The Guardian and recently won The Press Awards' columnist of the year 2009


Charlie always deserves a bit of heat. I've got "Screen Burn" and "Dawn Of The Dumb", both of which I've reread, and I rarely go back to any book.

Love Charlie Brooker, great book and great price.

Was watching the Screenwipe review of the year last night, loved the Noal's HQ bit. Charlie Brooker is a top fella - very funny indeed :thumbsup:

Good price, voted hot.

Hot from me. Always helps me pass time on a Monday to read his column.

His other two books are normally available instore at HMV for £3 each.

Bought this from Amazon about 4 days ago and screen burn from hmv for £2.99 arrived 2 days ago.

I have read both already. Brilliant books from the worlds best columnist. Heat.

His review in "Dawn" of the X Factor season with Shane Ward is the funniest thing I've ever read.

Reading it at the moment.

Very funny.

Quality. Very funny guy.

All good! Have heat

bought it packed it ... off

just had this delivered today by tesco books, only cost pennies more but with quidco its about the same and i dont give amazon money!

anyway i havent read it yet, still on DOTD and i have the other one to read too - got them for £2 each from hmv ages ago but he is a very funny guy and a great writer. plus he is CEXs most famous ex employee.
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