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Posted 27 December 2022

Charmast 30000mAh 20W Powerbank - £26.39 sold by Charmast UK @ Amazon

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Charmast Power Bank 30000mAh, 20W Power Delivery QC 3.0 USB C Battery Pack Quick Charge Portable Charger 2 Inputs & 3 Outputs with LED Display Compatible with Samsung Huawei iPhone iPad etc.

  • 🌟【30000mAh High Capacity】The enormous 30000mAh capacity power bank charges iPhone 12/11 about 6.5 times, Samsung Galaxy S9/S10 about 5.5 times.
  • 🌟【QC 3.0 and PD Quick Charge】With 20W Power Delivery 3.0 USB C port, plus dual QC 3.0 USB outputs, this battery back provides 4 times faster than regular charging on the market. Note: If using the fast charging, the cables and the devices must support QC & PD.
  • 🌟【2 Inputs & 3 iSmart Outputs】 Supports 2 high-speed charging input ports, Micro USB / Type-C and 3 USB Smart identification output ports (1 USB C and 2 USB A). Optional 3 outputs can charges up to 3 devices simultaneously. 2 inputs for your different charging needs.
  • 🌟【LED Display】With intelligent LED display can clearly understand the battery remaining power to prevent it from running out of power.
  • 🌟【Package Contents】 Charmast 30000mAh power bank (17.1 * 7.15 * 2.5cm), USB C-USB A Cable (20cm), 1 * Mesh Pouch; Warranty Card; Charmast certificate.
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    FYI this can't be brought on flights due to the high capacity
    Airlines restrict based on Wh, not the mAh capacity. Most airlines allow up to 100 Wh in your hand baggage (can't put these in checked in bags at all, so please don't hand over "smart" bags which have a battery).

    Wh = (mAh x V) / 1000. The problem is that Charmast doesn't mention the voltage anywhere on the product page to be able to calculate this. Assuming it is 5V, then the Wh number is 150. Usually, this is also mentioned on the powerbank (my 20000 Iniu one says 74).

    Ryan Air allows up to 160, BA is 100 (with approval required if it is more than that but up to 160 only). easyJet seems to allow up to 160. As always, please ask the airline before booking tickets.
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    Man, it is good people who'll buy this don't know where you live, otherwise they will smash your windows😃. I've not tried this particular model, but the 65w Charmast I've tried was worse than the very basic £4 power bank I've got from B&M. I didn't vote and apologies for the negative comment. (edited)
    I have the 26800mah version which will power only a few of my usb devices where my other power banks have no issue. So I believe theres output amp or voltages issues with this brand
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    Fwiw I have this exact powerbank and have had it for ~6 months now.

    For me, there's often a bit too much obsessing about exactly how quick these things will charge and what the exact capacity is.

    It will vary in every single use case, so all I want to be assured of, is that you're getting roughly the amount of charges it says you will and that you can get a decent amount of juice in your phone, relatively quickly.

    By way of experiment I just plugged it in to my Huawei P30 pro which I brought with me for Christmas to the family house which doesn't have plugs near the beds. It's just topped up from 18% to 44% in 21 mins from the USB-A connector with a generic A-C cable. So in real world terms that's about a 25% top up in less than half an hour and that's exactly what I want from a PB. Just give me enough juice, relatively quickly, to power my GPS, Strava, etc if it's lower than I would like just before I head off.

    The battery went from 66% to 62% on the read out. I've been topping up like this over the last week from fully charged. The USB-C output is much quicker.

    It's sturdy (and heavy) and loses very little power whilst powered off.

    Doesn't do anything hugely exciting but it's been rock solid for me so far and charges my portable devices absolutely fine. (edited)
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    30000w 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Anonymous User
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    Anyone know if there are any rebranded ravpower ones on Amazon at the moment?
    Type this in search on Amazon: B0B3MZSCN2
    I've seen it at £20 in the past.
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    I still have one of the older versions of this brand, works as it should and still kicking

    However this brand does buy fake Amazon reviews
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    I own 3 power banks from Charmast for a few years and am using them regularly. Still going strong, no issues at all. Would recommend to anyone.
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    i too want a 30.000W powerbank
    I could power my car with it
    You will be better off with Zendure, more chance of powering your car with that brand
  9. Avatar
    30kW. Oh my god.
    I have edited the title now : 30000mAh 20W
  10. Avatar
    Need someone to do a test on a full charge discharge cycle before I believe that
  11. Avatar
    Any recommendations for a powerbank? I'd use it on my Nintendo Switch and Poco X4
    I have the baseus 20000mah 65w and have no complaints what so ever
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    Do you need a specific usb cable to get the 20w or will any do?
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    I have a power bank from charmast is it will not power anything requiring 3a or above where my anker does