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Posted 21 May 2023

Charmast Mini Power Bank USB C 5000mAh,20W PD 18W QC £11.04 Dispatches from Amazon Sold by Chen Ying Ke Ji

£11.04£16.9935% off
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Hi guys, it's my first deal here but I hope it'll help someone.

I was looking for a backup power source as it happened to me a few times that my phone died just before me wanting to book an Uber home from a night out, so I needed something small, pocket-size and not necessarily huge in battery size. This one seems to tick the box as emergency pocket or purse life saver.

Quite well reviewed (4.3 stars), probably not the cheapest in history as somebody mentioned £9 in the comments, but quite close to that and comparable to similar products or cheaper. Also, the comments say it's not full 5000 mAh, but it shouldn't be a surprise for anyone, power banks hardly ever have what's stated. As mentioned, I consider it more an "energy life saving pill" than a device that would charge your phone fully. An addon/expansion to your powerbank collection, not a substitute.

Shows the price as £16.99, but there's a 35% discount voucher to "tick", lowering the price to very nice looking £11.04 with free Prime delivery.

Three colours available: black or pink. There's also white, but no voucher for it making £16.99. Also available for iPhone Lightning connector for slightly higher price (£14.99 base, 10% voucher brings it down to £13.49.

About this item (from Amazon listing):
  • Specially Designed for USB C Output phones - Widely compatible with most of USB C connection phones like Samsung,Huawei,LG,HTC,Moto,OnePlus,Google Pixel,Xiaomi,OPPO,VIVO,TCL and other Type C phones. Compatible models like Samsung S22,S21,21Ultra,21+, S20,S20+, S20 FE,GalaxyS10 Plus, S10, S10e,Note20 Ultra,Note 9, S9 Plus, S9, Note 8, Galaxy Z Flip 3 Galaxy Fold,Galaxy Fold.Huawei P40,Mate 40,30 series. LG G7,V40,V305 ThinQ,G8, G6, Q6.OnePlus 9, 9 Pro,Google Pixel 5A, 6 Pro etc.
  • 20W PD 18W QC Quick Charging Tech - This mini power bank USB C battery pack equipped with QC and PD fast charging protocol. Fully recharged the small power bank within 1.5 hours by 9V-2A quick charger. Meanwhile, with it’s fast charging character, it can boost your USB C phone faster than regular ones.Expect QC and PD, it also compatible with FCP, MTK PE1.1/2.0, AFC...etc fast charge protocols. Meet your different quick charge enabled devices needs.
  • Charging Without Cable Mess - Charging your phones by this mini USB C power bank, there is no need to carry any other extra cables.The built-in USB C interface allows you to charge your USB C phones directly anytime and anywhere. In the true sense of charging cordless.
  • 5000mAh Emergecy Backup Battery - Decent capacity of 5000mAh for USB C phone or other USB C gadgets (18W below) battery backup, normally support around 0.8~1.2 charges for your android phone.Emergecy backup battery for daily use.
  • Ultra Mini Pocket Design - For it's small body,the dimensions is only 77.2*35.0*24.7mm (3.03''x1.38''x0.97''), only weighs 0.2lb. Just mini as a lipstick,half-palm sized easily for carry away.
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  1. Nujol's avatar
    Thanks OP, well done on your first deal

    I think it’s basically 1 rechargeable AA battery in a case with a USB-C adaptor on it. So yes the capacity is a wee bit generous, probably more like 2000mah ish.

    I do wonder how strong this would be, it looks fragile, like if you put it in your bag or a pocket whilst charging it could easily snap the USB connector. (edited)
    jedrasze's avatar
    jedrasze Author
    My OH has a bit better version of it, KUULA brand I believe, without that issue - connectors are magnetic and swappable (so she can use it for both iPhone or my USB-C Android phone), so design also makes the phone port safer - when bent, it simply disconnects instead of applying tension onto the port. But it's not perfect too - can't be used with the case. Also almost 3 times the price...
  2. Noxy's avatar
    As alternative, found 12000mah battery on Amazon for 7.49£ . I know it not the some as this. Just thought good to leave in car for this price.

    Tried posting it but apparently doesn't meet Hukd criteria for posting ads.

    Search SLuB Power Bank, 12000mAh Portable Charger in Amazon. Free pickup from local collection point for me if you don't have prime.
  3. melted's avatar
    Looks like it would put a fair bit of mechanical stress on a phone's charging port.
  4. sheffield788's avatar
    Probably generic brand. This one looks identical. I'm not saying it is good or bad. I like the form factor, I also like small power banks as it is easy to carry them with you for emergency top-up, but I feel the price should be below £10.
  5. sambartle's avatar
    I have 2 of the Veger brand ones.. (Blue and Black).. And one of the Charmast. they are identical, and they have the same manufacturer address on the boxes. (Veektomx are also the same company and do a similar one but with an added lcd, id be willing to bet its the same cell and electronics.)

    They charge a Pixel 6 Pro from flat to about 65% which is good enough for the size. (Its probably a 21700 cell from the size and weight so 5000mAh@3.6v seems about right)

    Great to have in a pocket on holiday to get through a full day using in theme parks, or when taking loads of photos.

    They are in no way safe to leave in the bottom of a phone in a pocket though.. you will destroy either the charger or the phone port.

    The Blue Veger one has a captive cap over the USB.. the black Veger and Charmast ones comes with 4 spare loose caps in a little box. (I assume they will all switch over to the captive cap in future revisions, as a lot of the complaints are people loosing the cap) (edited)
  6. Kell774's avatar
    Expired now unfortunately thanks for taking the time to post this though
  7. Ulti's avatar
    Thanks for sharing what appears to be a great deal!

    I don't have Prime myself so can't seem to get this price - does anyone know of any similar alternatives at around this price that doesn't require Prime?
    sheffield788's avatar
    I've got prime so I don't know what price you'll see, but this one seems to be £13.50 after the voucher
  8. simgai's avatar
    It doesn't charge 4500MAh battery fully only 50-54%
  9. Arkz's avatar
    lol 5000mAh. This will probably have an 18650 in it. Good quality ones go up to about 3500mAh, cheaper ones are about 2000-3000, which this probably is. Typical Amazon letting sellers just straight up lie with their products.

    And the problem with all power banks measuring their capacity in mAh instead of Wh, since that mAh rating will be at the 3.7v of the cell inside, not the 5v it outputs.
    sheffield788's avatar
    All the sellers, including Amazon list capacity in mAh, not in Wh. It makes sense Wh, but people got used with mAh. I don't think the description is by Amazon, I think it is from the 3rd party seller. And yes, more than likely, this half the listed capacity, but this is how most power banks are (3.7vs5v). (edited)
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