Chasseur cast iron 22cm pot, now £35 del, (was £108) @ Amazon

Chasseur cast iron 22cm pot, now £35 del, (was £108) @ Amazon

Found 2nd Mar 2011
I posted one of these a couple of months ago for £39 with a voucher. This is £35 without, so a fantastic price!
I bought a 28cm version of this dish and have been absolutely thrilled with it so far. Will be ordering one of these later today (if I get a chance).


This Chasseur brand is normally cheaper in TKMAXX.

It's not Le Crueset is it... although that might just be hype - I've used neither. Anyone got experiences of a comparison??

aren't these always around this price?

Le Crueset are normaly around the £80-100 mark but I dont think these are.

A good buy non the less and can (with care) last for many, many years

Look out, LeCreuset brand snobs about! One of the most overpriced items around (the kitchen equivalent of Ugg boots!). Still, if you paid £5K for your Aga.............

Seriously, even the Aldi cast iron stuff is decent at real world prices. I imagine this will be fine.
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Grabbed the second to last one
Out of stock now!

Thanks OP
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Also try Homesense (sister company of TKMaxx) for Chausseur & Le Creuset if that is what you're after!

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I've been to TK Maxx and have never seen any cast iron stuff in there, although they do have a lot of their crockery. It's all good stuff nonetheless.

Was posted about a week ago [albeit at a slightly higher price]…482 but I actually bought one of The Sainsburys ones in preference [referred to in that thread] for just £19.99 for one in orange, and it has turned out to be excellent for the money…558

Although online sems to show only the smaller one at 1/3rd off, they were all discounted instore in my local.

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Looks like the cheaper ones have gone now anyway - showing £71 odd now.
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