Chateau Bois Pertuis 2004  red wine x 6 £14.34! (£3.99 delivery) @ CDiscount

Chateau Bois Pertuis 2004 red wine x 6 £14.34! (£3.99 delivery) @ CDiscount

Found 9th Sep 2009
Le Ch?au Bois Pertuis is located in St Christophe de Double, in the forest from Double known for its oak m?ins used for barrel making. This Chateau covers an area 20 km north of Saint-Emilion, formerly called "Les Hauts de Saint-Emilion, a traditional wine making region.
Ch?au Bois Pertuis produce red Bordeaux wines that are well balanced and soft, and thanks to the fusion of such noble grapes these traditional wines are superior in flavour.

This red wine from the Bordeaux will amaze you with by its beautiful dark ruby colour. With fragrant notes of black cherry and mocha this 2004 Chateau Bois Pertuis red wine is a rich and silky Bordeaux wine.

The complex structure of this red wine features notes of black fruits and slightly smoky aromas. Hints of subtle tannins and gentle fruit flavours make this a highly pleasing 2004 red wine, which is an ideal accompaniment for pork, dried meats and pan fried vegetables.
Outstanding in many ways this Ch?au Bois Pertuis won a medal Carr?'Or "contest in Bordeaux for the years 2001, 2003 and 2004

I bought 12 bottles and it worked out at £2.72 per bottle delivered. Not bad for a gold award winning wine!


This actually gets some decent reviews. The vineyard is on the very outskirts of Bordeaux, on a quick search some wine dealers are charging £10 a bottle for this wine. Not saying thats the going rate of course but on the whole looks to be a great deal, even if it turns out you can only use it for cooking!

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I had a bottle of the 2003 in a restaurant and it was one of the nicest wines i have ever had, got to be worth it for £2.50-3 per bottle! Because it is a one off delivery charge, the more you buy the cheaper it is!

ordered two cases to put away for christmas

out of stock. Shame - didn't last long!

Out of stock!

I looked a short while ago and it hadn't been reduced. They can't have had many in stock. :x
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