Cheap 3 pack of neck warmers
Cheap 3 pack of neck warmers

Cheap 3 pack of neck warmers

Just a quick tip.

Anyone who is ordering tickets for bike show in Birmingham in November.

If you book tickets in advance online. You can order them for £13 normally or for £2 extra per ticket, you can claim a pack of 3 Oxford neck warmers at the show which are worth £11.99.

Nice little bargain which will keep you warm during the coming months.


Bike show is always good fun and a discount helps as the food is quite expensive inside.

They have FREE test rides available from manufacturers - remember to take along both parts of your FULL BIKE licence - great for those who want to see what a bike can do on the road, rather than ones that just look good. :thumbsup:

Also, dealers arent always keen to give you a test ride, and may have a poor selection of demo's.

Last year, I did about 15 miles on all kinds of roads in an escorted group, so you get a great idea how a bike feels under different conditions. Although, you cant really go full whack !!!

Get there early - the test rides go very quickly !!!! Oh and they will loan you the gear and helmet too !


Bike show is always good fun !

not last year which was the worst I've ever known, although with hardly any punters there haggling and bargains were easy. Hopefully they have got their act back together for this year.

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