Cheap 5 star holidays - teletextholidays

Cheap 5 star holidays - teletextholidays

Found 24th Jun 2008
5 star holidays available in many different countries for the price of a 3 star holiday. Most of them are bed and breakfast/half board. A nice selection at what seem to me to be very good prices (starting from £234pp).


Don't think the link is working (looks like you're linking to some search results ... which will be only for your browser). Might be better if you give a quick guide on how to find the holidays and a link to the teletext main page.


I would be wary if they ask you to phone to book. I booked a Santorini holiday through them last week, I was told no credit card fee, then after 1/2 hour of giving over all my details tried to charge me £20 fee, I said you told me no fee they then said its a late booking fee, I told them to cancel it then, they then said they would halve it and in the end I was so fed up being on the phone I just paid it. They also said I would have to pay £20 each for transfers, I told them I would make my own way in a taxi (it would probably be cheaper and quicker) they then said they wanted another £20, as it was admin fee to tell the company we didnt want the transfers!!! Basically it felt like they were trying to con me, confirm with them up front the exact amount and don't be swayed, I was just exhausted by the end and will not book again like that, I felt like they had been wringing me for every penny they could extract!

Sorry Morris7, but I felt I had to share the info, maybe all the companies that use the Teletext site are not like the one I came across, but I would like people to be aware.

The prices they quote dont ever include transfers or booking fees etc and are always based on a wierd amount of people when you phone up and ask for how ever many people you want the price is normally over double and when you ask why they say that holiday was based on 5 people sharing/sold out etc. Not very cheap at all!!

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hmmm, maybe it's rubbish then! lol :-D

What about North West airports? is this deal only for southern shandy drinkers?:whistling:

Checked out some hotels on review sites some are very grim !!
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