Cheap 5MP HD Camcorder £39.99 @ CDiscount

Cheap 5MP HD Camcorder £39.99 @ CDiscount

Found 22nd Jul 2009
spotted this today, Cheap HD camcorder, Obviously it isnt going to be as good as the top of the range boys, but at £40 got to be worth a pop


Great price ~ we bought a Flip which is very similar and it takes great quality films

Was tempted, Some decent reviews but a couple of issues too. Battery life is 30-40 according to a users review, thats a bit rubbish.

"The battery life is pretty poor and doesn't last more than about 30-40 minutes if you are lucky, so an 8Gb memory card probably is going to lead to a flat battery. Maybe there was a reason why the batteries are replaceable! "…8-1

Good price, Hot!

Odd, the model number brings that entry up in Amazon and other places. However, the datasheet on CDiscount does not match everywhere elses spec sheets? Oh, well... wait and see. That Amazon link could be completely useless by the way.

When you make a listing just add the price and supplier to the title ..... good item though!!

out of stock

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they were :-(, oh well all gone

Selling for £79.99 on CDiscount now.
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