Cheap Amazon "subscribe & save" item, 1 of your 5?

Cheap Amazon "subscribe & save" item, 1 of your 5?

Edited by:"defgimp"Found 19th Oct 2017
Personally like subscribe & save but often find I've only got 3 items I want
looking around today and found these, just what I needed to push my order from 5% to the 15% discount.
44p with the 15% which considering the plasters made my other items 15% off actually earned/saved me another £8 or so.
thought it might help someone
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Great idea, could do with a permanent /updated list of stuff like this
Great idea, could do with a permanent /updated list of stuff like this
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col112 m ago

Great idea, could do with a permanent /updated list of stuff like this

Thats a good idea too
Good idea. Il stick it on my watch list
67-68p for the assorted box of 20 with the 15%, so if you actually use plasters, then these work out better value. If you are just using it as a filler item, then obviously the 10 pack is more sensible.
Thanks for posting this, very helpful!!
defgimp35 m ago

Thats a good idea too

There were a few posts with good value Subscribe and Save items, which I ordered. It would be great if we could have an updated list.
Can someone help me please. How does it works? How it made entire order 15% off ? And it will make anything 15%off or i need to buy some special stuff ? Thanks
I couldn't see where to add this
I can't seem to add it to subscribe and save
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Original posted plasters are now oos, there's others on there (2 links above), both around 50p-ish?

there was also some food cupcake flavourings that started at 50p-ish on subscribe & save, if you're looking for that cheap 5th item
you should all try this for Amazon
Developed by Marin Lewis' Money Savings Expert team ..

or try the full article…les

have fun :-)
PS you can also search for "top up items only" and then sort by price .,.,
Thats good for getting to the £20 spend but not for subscribe and save
col118 h, 4 m ago

Great idea, could do with a permanent /updated list of stuff like this

I buy the following items which are cheaper than elsewhere (although you need to check that each month as the prices change)...

NatureDiet Dog food (alternate months between Chicken and Fish varieties)
Minkas Happy CatCat food
Illy Coffee Beans
Illy Decaff Coffee Beans
Fairy Platinum Dishwasher tablets
Peppersmith Sugar Free chewing gum (Contains Wood Sugar (Xylitol), you can google the benefits of this)
Ma Baker Giant Bar Mixed cereal bar.
Aquarium stuff like EasyBalance and Aquariasn fish food pellets.
Phillips DiamondClean replacement toothbrush heads.
Oilatum cream and soap.

Sometimes I buy batteries (usually Duracell) if I need them or need to fill one of the 4 slots. I started S&S when our kids were younger, it was a lot easier to fill 4 slots when your buying nappies, wet wipes, nappy bin liners, etc. every month!
Use code JAMFAR9106 for an extra £5 off
just add multiple of the same item or doesn't that work anymore?(you have to add the item twice, not just increase ammount to 2)
jraf19th Oct

Use code JAMFAR9106 for an extra £5 off

thanks, it worked
Here you go folks, found this website that does all the hard work for you:
Lots of nice cheap (and genuinely useful, not just tat...) to bulk out those subscribe and save orders
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