Cheap: Babylon 5 Complete Series Boxsets only £16.19 each !!!

Cheap: Babylon 5 Complete Series Boxsets only £16.19 each !!!

Found 8th Sep 2006
EDIT - the code has now expired, but these boxsets are still availbale at the great price of £17.99!

This is a really amazing price for these boxsets of the popular science fiction TV saga. They are £17.99 delivered from choicesuk, but when using the voucher code below, they are reduced to £16.19 - considering these are priced at around £30 everywhere else, this is a mega-bargain for fans of the show.

I watched it from the very start, but I missed half a series somewhere in the middle, and i found it quite hard to get back into, having missed half the story arc. My mate has the series 1 boxset, so I hope to start watching it again soon.

Promotional code: BABYLON


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Babylon 5 - The Complete Series 1 (6 disc)
Widescreen, Boxset

This futuristic sci-fi thriller envisages the universe on the brink of destruction. The only glimmer of hope is Space Station Babylon 5, a meeting place for the emissaries of the warring factions to meet for a final attempt to secure peace. Episode titles: Midnight On The Gathering Line, Soul Hunter, Born To The Purple, Infection, Parliament Of Dreams, Mind War, The War Prayer, And The Sky Full Of Stars, Deathwalker, Believers, Survivors, Signs And Portent, By Any Means Necessary, The Quality Of Mercy, Grail, Eyes, TKO, A Voice In The Wilderness Parts One And Two, Babylon Squared, Legacies and Chrysalis.

][img-float=left]http//ww…at]Babylon 5 - The Complete Series 2 (6 disc)
Widescreen, Boxset

Features the complete Second Season. Episode titles: Points Of Departure, Revelations, The Geometry Of Shadows, A Distant Star, The Long Dark, Spider In The Web, A Race Through Dark Places, Soul Dates, The Coming Of Shadows, GROPOS, All Alone In The Night, Acts Of Sacrifice, Hunter, Prey, There All Honour Lies, And Now For A Word, Knives, In The Shadow Of Z'Ha'Dum, Confessions And Lamentations, Divided Loyalties, The Long Twilight Struggle, Comes The Inquisitor and The Fall Of Night.

][img-float=left]http//ww…at]Babylon 5 - The Complete Series 3 (6 disc)
Widescreen, Boxset

Boxset containing the whole of Series Three. Includes episodes: Matters of Honor, Convictions, A Day in the Strife, Passing Through Gethsemane, Voices of Authority, Dust to Dust, Exogenesis, Messages From Earth, Point of No Return, Severed Dreams, Ceremonies of Light and Dark, Sic Transit Vir, A Late Delivery From Avalon, Ship of Tears, Interludes and Examinations, War Without End 1, War Without End 2, Walkabout, Grey 17 is Missing, And the Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place, Shadow Dancing and Z'ha'dum.

][img-float=left]http//ww…at]Babylon 5 - The Complete Series 4 (6 disc)
Widescreen, Boxset

Boxset containing the whole of Series 4. Episodes include: The Hour Of The Wolf, Whatever Happened To Mr Garibaldi?, The Summoning, Falling Toward Apotheosis, The Long Night, In The Fire, Epiphanies, The Illusion Of Truth, Atonement, Racing Mars, Lines Of Communication, Conflicts Of Interest, Rumours, Bargains And Lies, Moments Of Transition, No Surrender No Retreat, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, The Face Of The Enemy, Intersections In Real Time, Between The Darkness And The Light, Endgame, Rising Star and The Deconstruction Of Falling Stars.

][img-float=left]http//ww…at]Babylon 5 - The Complete Series 5 (6 disc)
Widescreen, Boxset

Boxset containing the whole of Series 5. Episodes include: No Compromises, The Very Long Night Of Londo Mollari, The Paragon Of Animals, A View From The Gallery, Learning Curve, Strange Relations, Secrets Of The Soul, Day Of The Dead, In The Kingdom Of The Blind, A Tragedy Of Telepaths, Phoenix Rising, The Ragged Edge, The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father, Meditations On The Abyss, Darkness Ascending, And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder, Movements Of Fire And Shadow (1), The Fall Of Centauri Prime (2), The Wheel Of Fire, Objects In Motion, Objects At Rest and Sleeping In Light.

WOW, this is a fantastic price, also 5% from Quidco if you choose to go through them.
I've just tried to order and the site is playing up, I'll be back for the full set

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Yeah, their site seems to be going pretty slow - and I agree steve,[SIZE=3] THIS IS AN AMAZING PRICE[/SIZE]! Bear with them, and you should get your order in.

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So this would be all 5 series for £80.95, which is WAY cheaper than the boxset at the minute (~£140) - and if you quidco, this makes £4 cashback as well.

The box set has all 5 season of Babylon 5 'and' the 6 Babylon 5 films 'and' the full season of the follow up Crusade.

Plus it comes in a nice box

Sweeet! All I was missing was Season 5 and was waiting for it to be cheaper than £20. Cheers very muchly!


I bought seasons 1-4 some 18 months ago at this sought of price - have watched 4 episodes on season 1 - just can't get into Bab 5 at all.

Good find nonetheless.

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Thanks guys.

@ eggman - I think it takes a concerted effort to get into it - if you have the patience, I'd watch a few more, it does get much better.

Seeing this episode title in particular as I skimmed through - "In The Shadow Of Z'Ha'Dum".

Got me all nostalgic and now I want to watch the whole series again.

I too bought 1 to 4 a while back cheap, and thought this had been posted or would have posted yesterday

Bargain! Going to get season 5 I think... even though it was pretty bad and should have ended at 4 :P

Bought from Choices last year and just started on watching 1-a-day
just cracked open Season 5. Definitely recommend this.

Cheers !! Been looking for a cheap Series 5

Keep up the good work :thumbsup:


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Cheers !! Been looking for a cheap Series 5 Keep up the good work … Cheers !! Been looking for a cheap Series 5 Keep up the good work :thumbsup: Stormin_norm

You're welcome It seems everyone was just waiting on a good offer on season 5!!
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