Cheap Bacardi Rum Superior 70cl - £13 @ Spar

Cheap Bacardi Rum Superior 70cl - £13 @ Spar

Found 17th Oct 2012
The local Spar shop by me is selling Bacardi Rum Superior for £13 which I thought was pretty cheap.

Looking online

ASDA is £16.47
Tesco £16.81
Waitrose £17
Majestic £20

Picked mine up for the weekend anyway:)


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Sorry forgot to say it was a 70cl

is this for l itre bottle?

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I wish, don't think you get them much in 1 litre bottles

Saw the 1 litre bottle in ASDA for £17 last night. Couple of weeks ago bought the litre botlle for £15 at the same ASDA.

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Works out pretty much the same as the ASDA price then. the £15 is a very good price but as that is not available is null and void?

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Sorry I worked it out wrong the ASDA one is slightly cheaper at 17p per 10ml compared to the SPAR one at 18.5p per 10ml.

I only checked on my supermarket and they don't have 1 litre bottles on there for some reason only 70cl

Cheap for Spar ....

£15 for a litre at tesco now
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