Cheap Blu Ray's At - Beowulf £9.98, Hitman £9.98, Resident Evil 3 £9.98

Cheap Blu Ray's At - Beowulf £9.98, Hitman £9.98, Resident Evil 3 £9.98

Found 4th Oct 2008Made hot 22nd Oct 2008
Rambo £9.98
I Am Legend £12.98
Superbad £12.98
10,000 BC £12.98

Pre Owned
Stealth £4.99
Spiderman 3 £4.99


Gone for a couple cheers to op.

dang. bought RE Extinction DVD only a week or two back for £6. would of payed the extra £4 for blu ray.

good prices.

Nice one - went for Stealth and Hitman - £14.97 delivered...

what if i said you could get better titles like:

1 In The Valley Of Elah [Blu... £17.98

1 All The Boys Love Mandy La... £16.97

1 Diary Of The Dead [Blu-ray... £17.98

and the cheapest is free... seems better to me than this old stuff! i just watch once and sell! try finding these cheaper together elswhere, there's also,

1 28 Weeks Later [Blu-ray] [... £15.98

1 War [Blu-ray] [2007] £16.98

1 Day Of The Dead [Blu-ray] ... £16.97

again, cheapest free and there's more titles to be had on AMAZON... BARGAIN IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THEM ALL!

such a dull film


such a dull film

What is...? :thinking:
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