Cheap CD Writable

Cheap CD Writable

Found 11th Jul 2007
Codenamed 'Titanium' due to the strength of the advanced dye utilised, this range has rapidly become a vanguard in the optical media market. These CD-R`s use the Double Protection system, making them some of the most durable discs on the market. Not only is the dye of exceptionally high quality but the polycarbonate layer in the middle of the disc is formulated for extra durability and the top surface is reinforced to provide extra scratch resistance. Datawrite guarantee that these discs are less than 0.00001% defective. Can be written at up to 52X speed.

UKDVDR have done it again. Limited Special Offer!

50 pack £3.99 = 8p each inc VAT!!
£4.00 Inc VAT

Seems cheap to me and I have bought from them before.


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hehe oops, this does not expire until the 15th i think, how do I change the date on this?

What are their shipping costs?

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£4.96 but it varies depending on how many you buy.

Voted Cold as that takes the price to £9.96 for 50

and you can get 50 sony's for £5.99 delivered from PLAY !

Shipping costs should be included in all deals richystix.


I brought 300 of these before and they were the worst CD-R's I have … I brought 300 of these before and they were the worst CD-R's I have brought. Wouldn't touch them with a barge pole

Care to elaborate? What went wrong? How many drives were you using?

I tend to buy a smaller quantity at first, test them with my drive and then buy more if it turns out well. Media (in)compatibility with drives is often the cause of many a wasted CDR.

Thanks for the Feedback Ziffius, will avoid.
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