Posted 15 March 2023

Cheap Cement bags reduced to £1 @ B&Q festival park Stoke

£1£8.3888% off
In store: Stoke-on-Trent · B&Q Deals
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Cement bags reduced to £1 from £8.38

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  1. mailboxmessage's avatar
    Have they passed their sell-by date?
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    They'll be short dated, after their use by date the amount ofchromium increases so they get more dangerous to handle. So I thinkthey fall out of COSHH original specification so can't be sold.
  2. J1135's avatar
    They been left out in the snow?
  3. urbanbushwacker's avatar
    £1 a bag nice I think it could be the right time to invite the mother-in-law around for lunch. coincidentally does anyone know any deals on paving slabs and sheds
    Jonwillis's avatar
    Why is my first thought you were going to bury her, pave over and put a shed on top
  4. Douglas_Reynholm's avatar
  5. Noxy's avatar
    Lol. reminds me when I made my concrete weight during the pandemic..
  6. ashuk's avatar
    I bought some a few years ago that were a bit hard, step dad said they would be no use but all you need to do is give it a whack and it returns to powder again. These should be sealed so even if it feels a bit stuff, all it needs is a whack to loosen it again.
  7. backyard's avatar
    Cement close to it's sell by will set sooner than the times stated, they will also likely crack as cement needs to dry slowly. If you're fine wasting your time with out of date cement knock yourself out.
  8. CurvedSlightly's avatar
    Ready cured?
  9. Blurigard's avatar
    And to think that just 2 years ago there was a massive premium on cement and most B&Q stores had nothing in stock.
  10. ashyt16turbo's avatar
    My good Traveler friends are in the flat bed and on the way. (edited)
  11. mtcleaning83_.'s avatar
    Shoes for the mother in law
  12. Shockey's avatar
    It’ll be out if date or close to only has a 6 month sell by 
  13. platypus07's avatar
    Thanks OP

    Just got 14 bags for a project in the garden. Still loads left across two pallets.

    The bags are use by 16/03/23 (tomorrow). None of it is hard so should be fine provided you can keep the paper bags dry.

    Tip: don’t load on to a soaking wet trolley either (edited)
  14. ashman33's avatar
    In my local council area Will cost money to dispose off if bags turn to solid blocks
  15. newbie68's avatar
    I wouldn't be using OOD cement either, not on anything that matters
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