cheap chelsea stocking fillers at jjb

cheap chelsea stocking fillers at jjb

Found 8th Dec 2010
use code sb7sd52 to get these prices

mints 89p delivered
chocolate lolly 89p delivered
car air freshener 89p delivered
keyring £1.35 delivered
baby feeding bottle £1.79 delivered
tinned mints £1.79 delivered
wallet £1.79 delivered
chelsea adidas wallet £2.25 delivered
wristbands £2.25 delivered
football boot bank £2.24 delivered
playing card £2.69 delivered
mug £2.69 delivered
mini ball £3.59 delivered
top trumps £3.59 delivered
boot bag £4.04 delivered


Are you going to post ths for every team? Cold.

Original Poster

Was thinking of just posting the big clubs, but now thinking I may post them all as it seems to be bothering a lot of you :P
So by voting cold does that mean you dint think there are a few good prices amongst this lot??

I thought this deal had something to do with WAGS.oO

Hot Hot Hot

Best team in the world.
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