Cheap Christmas lights at B&Q - E.g Santa Silhouette £10 (Was £53) / Lantern Rope Light Silhouette £12 (Was £78)

Cheap Christmas lights at B&Q - E.g Santa Silhouette £10 (Was £53) / Lantern Rope Light Silhouette £12 (Was £78)

Found 16th Dec 2015
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Dove Rope Silhouette £8 was £32…prd

Snowman Rope Light Silhouette £12 was £53…prd
Edited by: "reindeer333" 16th Dec 2015
just reserved 2 lanterns, hot hot hot x
Like the Dove ones. Reserved two. Thanks for sharing.
Reserved the snowflake stake lights. Thank you !
Great thank you x
This is also a great price.…prd
Nice spot OP Heat added
Great, ordered a snowman and lantern! Cheers
Just ordered 4 of them for collection tomorrow. I cannot believe the stated original price though. Still a good deal. HEAT added. Thanks.
Thanks. Promised my daughter to buy some on sale
Cheers op. Although not LED I reserved lantern and LED shooting star. Trying to update all to led ( in time) all paid to collect tomorrow
Cheers OP. 2 Lanterns in my basket, not sure I would've ever paid £78 for it but now it is more affordable!
Ggrrrr added 8 items to basket then when I went to checkout my basket is empty ? This happened 3 times
I also got a free delivery discount at the cart, bonus!
many thanks op, i can now keep up with the Jones' either side of my house.
Thank you
santa-silhouette £10 delivered (free P&P) bonus !!!
Thank-you so much for posting this, also ordered Rope Lanterns I have been watching but they were to expensive, got them for £12 each.

Merry Christmas
Lantern sold out now :-(
Lantern looks awesome but wont let me checkout?
Good find
Thank you, just ordered the Snowman and the Dove ones - have wanted something like this for years, but didn't want to pay out the full price, always seemed to miss out in the sale in previous years. I'm going to have these indoors at the windows - the snowman looks like it is on a stand, but can somebody tell me what I would use (special clips?) to fix the dove one to the windows please? Thank you.
ordered. thanks op.
Ordered Santa for £10 & Snowman for £12 free P&P
Thanks went for the santa & snowman and got free delivery.
Nice price. Heat added. Thanks
Ordered the Dove and got free delivery too. Thanks reindeer.
thankssssssssssssssssssss !
Ordered 2 rope lanterns for c & c
Thanks op
Nice, just spent £41 to increase my electricity bill. Many thanks OP.
Ordered santa & snowman, free delivery, arriving tomorrow thanks
Ordered santa & snowman, free delivery, arriving tomorrow thanks
Thanks, been to my two local B&Qs and pick up a few bargains - the 3D ropelight tree is great for £30 instead of £83
ordered Lantern plus free delivery
Thanks, Santa is on his way, arriving free tomorrow. I'm trying to stop myself ordering more..
Lovely need some new lights - thanks op.
ordered the dove...thanks OP Hot Hot Hot!
Really want the lantern but out of stock now
Nice! Got a load of led lights
I'm wondering if they use regional warehouses and that's why stuff manages to be both in and out of stock, only failing once your address is in the system. The lanterns were doing the same as the £15 trees yesterday. Bought a tree and various lights with next day delivery, so we'll see how that goes. Hopefully its goodbye tiny 3 foot tree!
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