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Cheap copies of perfumes in Bodycare - £2.99 [Dsel / Salvang / Vigorous + more]
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Cheap copies of perfumes in Bodycare - £2.99 [Dsel / Salvang / Vigorous + more]

Posted 7th MarAvailable: National
Why go to the souks of Agadir or Istambul when you can have 100% genuine copies of perfumes at home

From Dsel to Salvang to vigorous and many more all in nice packaging and smells very like the originals
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Did you try them? Any good?
Yep smelt just like the originals but didn’t last long tbh
Heat added op,gonna try next time i go.. Salvange lmao
Bargain never even seen their shops nearest is about ten miles from me so not too bad
Our city has Bodycare. I must visit and see if I can try a copy of my favourite.
100% genuine copies? surely that is a contradiction.
This deal stinks
why would anyone go all the way to morocco looking for blag perfume?
Fake perfumes art found in markets in places like Morocco or turkey all the time

No one would go specially go buy them just while on holiday you may see the fakes while shopping
I went to the shop this morning (Glasgow) but I did not see any of them. How is that possible? I also asked a store assistant and showed her a photo but she does not know anything about it as well.
These are in blackburn
Due to the popularity we have sold out of a couple of the variants. We will be fully re stocked in May and we want to roll them out to more stores.
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