Cheap Designer Perfumes/Aftershaves @ TJ Hughes, Available instore and online. Instore from £5 and £8.60 online (inc p&p) + Get 3% Quidco

Cheap Designer Perfumes/Aftershaves @ TJ Hughes, Available instore and online. Instore from £5 and £8.60 online (inc p&p) + Get 3% Quidco

Found 23rd Oct 2008

Hope this has'nt already been posted (I did check, honest!!)

I noticed the other day while instore at TJ Hughes (also available online), they were selling there usual select choice of perfumes/aftershaves and giftsets at there usual reasonably low prices. I did not realise how cheap some of these were until I noticed another post on here for Boots "Save up to half price on fine fragrances @ Boots Online"…gr/

After checking out some of the prices on Boots website and comparing them with some of the perfumes/aftershave (particularly the so called celeberity ones) that are available instore and online at TJ Hughes I found TJ Hughes to be a lot cheaper and better value for money on many of the same brands, even after you apply postage costs to some of them if ordering them online at TJ Hughes.

For Example:-
Boots Curious by Britney Spears Eau de Parfum 50ml - £13 (add £2.95 p&p to buy online, currently just went out of stock)

TJ Hughes Britney Spears Curious 100ml EDP £15 (add £3.60 p&p to buy online)
Also available at this price at TJ Hughes is Britney Spears Fantasy and Midnight. Fantasy. You get an extra 50ml at TJ Hughes for just £2 more compared with Boots.

I also noticed instore that they were beginning to price a selected range of the £8 Perfumes/Aftershaves up at 2 for £15. The 2 for £15 also available online

It also seems that some of the brands have went out of stock online recently, so they have been removed from the website (still over 100+ items available), but there are many still available both online and instore. For example, although no longer available online, I purchased a 100ml bottle of Davidoff Echo aftershave a few days ago instore for £13 and they had a whole stack of them available.

I also noticed they had 50ml bottle of Cool Water EDT instore and had also been selling 75ml bottles of Lacoste Red EDT for £15 but unfortunately have sold out, both online and in my local store but others may still have stock available. Also I noticed them selling men and womans gift sets available instore and online but im not to sure how these compare price wise to ones available elsewhere. May be worth checking them out.

Although most peoples tastes on what they think is a nice smelling Aftershave/Perfume probably differs from one person to the next, please take into account this deals comparable value for money and if they can be found cheaper elsewhere (which im sure some of them can), before you vote this deal Hot or Cold. Although TJ Hughes sells a more limited range of smelly's compared to the likes of Boots, please remember this deal it is not about personal tastes, but about helping others find a cheaper price for something they would usually pay more money for.
After all they still sell Brut dont they?? Someones got to be buying it and wearing it!!!!

Personally I would recommend checking out TJ Hughes first either instore or online before making a purchase at Boots or elsewhere, just in case on the off chance that there selling what you want, as I found them to be quite a lot cheaper.

Nearly forgot, do'nt forget Quidco and get another 3% .off

Also for those of you out there that still like Joop, I noticed it in my local Wilkinsons store the other day for approx £24 for 125ml EDT. It is also available online priced at a reasonable £24.95 with the option of having it sent to your local store for free store pick up if it is currently not available in your local store. Otherwise the postage option is a quite hefty £4.95. They also seem to have some other reasonably priced smellys both instore and online.…=13

Thanks, hope this deal helps some people.
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