Cheap driver bits from Homebase. £1.

Cheap driver bits from Homebase. £1.

Found 14th Jan
Great when you wreck bits as often as I do.
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Just got back from homebase ready to post these
I picked up 3 packs. Heat
Snapped the first one on first screw... go easy people.
mrew4210 m ago

Just got back from homebase ready to post theseI picked up 3 packs. Heat

There are two types online if you want to post the other size!
false economy really
Just a heads up in case people don't spot it. These are Phillips, not pozi, but for £1, worth having anyway...
Cheap for a reason.
Hardend lead!
Grey cheese
Save your money and use a piece of blancmange...
mrew4220 m ago

How do you work that one out?

It is from experience.
So you are using a pretty useless driver bit ~ I can tell you ahead of time which screw it is going to fail on . Not the one that is running in smooth . It will the sticky one that either won't go in or won't come out easy.

So now you need a new bit and a way of working on your messed up fixing ~ on a job you don't want to multiply that kind of waste of time.

But that is just my opinion and you are as entitled to yours as I am , so enjoy your cheap bit until it fails then enjoy your period of frustration trying to work with a rounded off screw head
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Personally I manage to f**k up Bosch bits regularly so thought these worth a go.
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