cheap Dutch hoe £2.99 @ The Range

cheap Dutch hoe £2.99 @ The Range

Found 13th FebMade hot 13th Feb
Seems quite a good price for a half decent hoe never come across one this cheap before !!


that's why guys go over there!! lol

Is there a sale on in De Wallen?

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£2.50 would indeed be a cheap hoe...

order 10 and booze

Nothing like getting a hoedown....if she gets back

title promised so much

Need to watch.
Pay your £2.99 and get it unwrapped and you might find it demanding more before it goes to work.

This cheap hoe is best used in beds.

good find op, heat added

A little chuckle; thanks OP.

Been done before, nice try though.

Plus delivery so it's more than £5

get one of these with a leaf blower - hoes and blows!

Not this one again, it does the rounds every year never miss!
Actually looking for an expensive Hoe as the cheap ones don't seem to last very long , probably going to have to grab a ferry and pickup the real thing, the missus keeps telling me to get a new one, must be all that time I spend in the garden shed

Prefer this one

Normally 40-50 euros in Amsterdam so heat. Burning painful heat.

grow up
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