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Cheap Empire Magazine subscription £25 for a year!
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Cheap Empire Magazine subscription £25 for a year!

Posted 26th Apr 2010

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Usually a yearly subscription to Empire would cost around £35-£40 and you'd get something like a free DVD box set or Video game. This month they have no free-be but they've knocked about £15 off the normal price!
The mag will be delivered to your door free each month and you get special subscriber covers too.
Considering a single issue will cost you £3.70 which over a year will cost you £44.50, your making a £20 saving over a year! well worth it if you buy a film mag more than 5-6 times a year!
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£12.50 worth of tesco clubcard points gets a years free subcription. I paid £30 odd a few months ago to subscribe but got 3 blu rays
Excellent, I think my sub is just about to run out.

http://www.tesco.com/clubcard/deals/product.aspx?R=548&bci=4294966467|Magazines*4294965864|Film%20%26%20Television£12.50 worth of tesco clubcard points gets a years free subcription. I paid £30 odd a few months ago to subscribe but got 3 blu rays

£12.50 is worth £50 of vouchers for restaurants, so your deals in fact costs twice as much as the OP's..

Seriously, every deal with Tesco is a rip-off.. If you take the holiday vouchers, you have to pay full brochure price instead of the discounted web price, thus negating your saving with the vouchers. Same with hotels. The restaurant vouchers aren't bad, but they're only available for restaurants that already offer 2 for one meals, meaning your saving is about 25%.. Breakdown cover costs you twice as much as it normally would, magazine subscriptions (as illustrated above) cost twice what you could get them for if you paid cash.. And don't get me started on the Merlin card..

The only genuinely good deal I've seen on there is the Goldsmiths vouchers which don't seem to have any drawbacks aside from a £200 minimum spend..

Hey, we're getting something for nothing, so we shouldn't complain, right? However, just be aware you're not getting the fantastic deal you think you are - Majority of the time, it'd cost you less to pay cash..
Good deal. Though i have always found it works out well to get the subscription + free gift option (which this time was £45), and sell the gift as new on Amazon marketplace (this time it was Assassins Creed 2, which i got £30 for)... suppose it depends what the gift is, but they are usually decent.

One thing worth keeping an eye open for is, when a previous Empire subscription of mine expired, they automatically took another payment of £30 and carried it on, without warning or asking me. I now cancel the direct debit as soon as the initial payment has gone out, and then renew my subscription myself after 12 months, as you are almost always better off getting the free gift option.

Not to forget that Great Magazines offer cashback via Quidco / Topcashback etc of £5 / £6.
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