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Cheap Fireworks!!! Half Price or less @ The Range
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Cheap Fireworks!!! Half Price or less @ The Range

Posted 7th Sep 2015

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

The Range instore are selling off all their current fireworks at half price or less to make way for the new stock coming for October.

Coloured Sparklers 49p
Stratosphere Pulse £7.49 (325 shot Roman Candle)
Missile Command £3.99 (100 shot barrage)
Wonderfull Waterfalls £3.49
Photon Burst £1.74 (Roman Candles)
Delta Force Rockets £3.99 (Packet of 10)
Calypso Pearls £3.49 (Packet of 5 Roman Candles)

There were lots more, but these are just the ones I bought.

These were in Westwood Cross Store in Thanet, but the staff member said it's nationwide to make room for new stock.

Perfect to get in early ready for October.
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Some people have got money to burn..... Heat if you like this kind of thing
Sooner set fire to a £20 note......plus the dogs don't get scared .......pointless bloody things
Oh joy! Idiots are going to setting fireworks off even sooner!!!!
God, people don't like fireworks round here!
Cold, noisy annoying things
Happy bunch on tonight
need more places selling them, heat
You do know fireworks are no longer strictly for bonfire night like they were back in the day, they are now called celebration fireworks so shops can sell them all year round if the wish.
Teenage warheads
Fireworks are great if your at the party....but a fracking pain in the arrrse if your not
yet another thing people should be charged for if they go to AE hurting themselfs.... So sir how did you get these burns? Well errr the rocket just went off in my hand... No, no it didn't, you were trying to launch it from your hand while your mates recorded on their phones!
bargain fireworks. .will stock up , cheers for posting...Some people look like they need a firework up their a¥$e and need to chill out a bit!!
how miserable of you all - let's all stay indoors and sit in front of the TV like zombies shall we? yay...

I doubt fireworks are set off as often as your cat sh1ts in my garden!
bought from The Range before and without a doubt the worst most disappointing **** I have ever seen, just embarrassing tbh, save your money or go to lidl/aldi
Great price.
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