Cheap Flights to Australia £592.75 Return including Taxes, Charges & Luggage @ Holiday Pirates

Cheap Flights to Australia £592.75 Return including Taxes, Charges & Luggage @ Holiday Pirates

Found 14th Jul 2014
Cheap Flights to Australia from £592.75 Return including all Taxes, Charges & Luggage

If you have been planning a visit to Australia for later on this year then check out these great prices for flights to Australia.

There are lots of dates to choose from throughout November however our example here is based on flights departing from London Heathrow to Melbourne on 14th November 2014 returning on 28th November 2014.

Some other dates that we have checked out are:
All 14 night return flights departing on:

19th October 2014

20th October 2014

21st October 2014

22nd October 2014

2nd November 2014;

3rd November 2014;

4th November 2014

5th November 2014

6th November 2014

9th November 2014

11th November 2014

All of these great low priced flights are provided by China Southern bookable at Travel-Up and include all taxes and charges and luggage..

A great tool for helping you find those low priced flghts is Skyscanner which is really easy to use.

There are some great accommodation options listed on and we suggest that you take a look over there and for those looking to do some traveling about, car hire can be picked up cheaply at

Have a look at Trip Advisor when planning your holiday to find out whats hot and whats not when it comes to all the local attractions.
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very cheap good spot
mu aussies chums will like this!
These are some 1990's prices
I wish there was cheap flights from Manchester . Also looking for a family holiday too if you can help next yr
I am normally very flexible on which airline I fly. However, I have once flown China Southern and it was very bad. Flight was Amsterdam to Beijing, no inflight entertainment system. Only one choice of food which was a rice dish with sauce but no meat. Seat was cramped and uncomfortable. Passengers next to me were preoccupied with stealing plastic plates and airline cutlery. I have this down as the worst long haul airline I ever travelled. This airfare is good, but I think a £200 premium for another carrier would represent better value - extra £5/hr of your journey. I don't know whether such a flight is available.
I concur with the last statement; not heard very good things about the airline at all. I'm not really an airline snob but considering its such a long journey, I think it be well worth paying extra to be on a decent flight. Also check the stop over times because with China Southern they are sometimes incredibly long, i.e. a day, and you then have to apply for a visa if I'm not mistaken as well as get a hotel. More expense and hassle than its probably worth....
Southern China is a Horrible experience. Would not recommend it with Kids
I was all excited for a moment and then read it was China Southern, bloody horrible airline and its really really long flight... its just not worth it (if you have a choice).
Only good news is that you no longer need a visa for china for up to 72hrs. Double check this applies to the stopover airport, but it should.
Airline is horrible as others have stated but if funds are tighter than usual at least better than taking a boat
but not much...
My son travelled with them last year from Australia , he said it was the worst experience of his life. A fight broke out shortly after take off apparently caused by some Chinese passengers putting their elbows too far across the others seat. When they arrived at the internal airport in China to change flights the authorities wouldn't let them in the main airport building, all western passengers were hearded along the outside of the terminal buildings. The food he said was inedible, some sort of rice dish. If you look on the websites, Mormondo App is a good one, they always offer the cheapest flights. You can see why!
I've looked at China Southern prices and always wondered what they would be like to fly with. Now I know. Thank you all very much for the feedback.
The price quoted above seems to be to MEL. I want to go direct to Brisbane at the beginning of December (I've been invited to slap a shrimp on the barbie at xmas and it would be rude to 'knock it back') and return via a few nights in SIN mid January.
According to Travelup they can offer a China Southern flight, via Amsterdam, LHR to BNE with a total flight time of 35hrs 50mins!!! with a return flight time BNE to SIN of, wait for it, 28hrs 35 mins (it's an 8 hr flight going direct) then a SIN to LHR flight that takes 28hrs 40mins (about 13hrs if flying direct) for £779.33.
A Singapore Airlines ticket, with sensible times, is quoted at £864.71
I've actually bought an Etihad ticket for a shade over £800!!

Last month I flew BA SIN to LHR and they were rubbish. I only hope Etihad are a lot better!!
Thanks very much for the feedback guys - I have not flown with China Southern myself so it's interesting to hear.
Since the comments seem to be all be negative... I flew LHR to MEL last year with China Southern and had no issues, the planes were basic but not bad, decent in flight entertainment and had usb ports, food was all Chinese(obviously) and just as good as all other airline food. The only downside side was the stopover airport, but not enough of an issue to put me off doing it again. It's a great price, good find Stacey.
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