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Petrol £1.377p Unleaded / £1.587p Diesel @ Asda (Bishop Auckland)

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Asda Bishop Auckland

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    Download Petrolprices app on your smartphone. Chances are there's a garage near you selling fuel cheaper than the one you're using, you just don't know about it. I always operated under the assumption supermarkets are usually cheaper, but a texaco just outside my town is about 10p per litre cheaper. Doubt I'd ever have noticed if not for the app.
    Supermarkets used to be the cheapest places. But that's gone out of the window since prices went daft. Although where I am they still are as there aren't many independent stations around. I refuse to use the local sainsburys as it's all card payments with no kiosk. Even though it has been the lowest priced station on occasion.
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    Still ripping us off
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    They could have brought the price down months ago. They’re only making a move now in anticipation of the government adding the 12p back on.
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    You must hate your car to fill up from Asda
    we have a winner
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    Up north again
    I'm up north, and my local diesel is 169.9.
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    I bet this photo was taken ages ago and has been posted to troll
    I filled up late last week when passing by. Well worth it! All Stations in Bishop Auckland are 10p cheaper than anywhere else nearby. Not sure why but I'm not complaining.
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    Is Auckland not in New Zealand?
    This is why I love it when a deal like this is posted, it brings out all the like-minded crazies
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    148.7 in Bletchley, Milton Keynes ASDA. Such a joke!
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    Heat added, although diesel is cheaper at Morrisons and Sainsbury's, but good to see somewhere local for a change
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    A fuel protest is long overdue and looks like required to bring down prices to a reasonable level.
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    10p too high, not a deal. People stop buying fuel from supermarkets and they will soon lower the prices.

    Keep paying their inflated profits, and you'll keep seeing these sorts of prices. And this leads to inflation.
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    £169.7 in sunderland Asda. Annoying
    Morrisons is cheaper near you (edited)
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    142 unleaded in cwmbran area (supermarkets plus a couple of others)
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    I wish the local gulf station in Heckmondwike at frost hill would turn their prices off. It's still saying £1.25 and £1.28. They haven't sold fuel for months! Seems really daft that they still display them.
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    The good thing about Asda usually means within a couple of days all other Asda stores end up around the same price and then everywhere else has to drop to compete. Heres hoping anyway
    I don't use Asda but let's hope your right and it has the desired affect on other stations.
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    Ah next to Newcastle upon Tyne. 4 hours drive for me. Can somebody calculate and tell me if it's worth the journey?
    Not Quite, it’s about 40 miles from Newcastle, it’s nearer Durham, but still miles away from you
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    Tesco Chard (Somerset) is 140.9p
    Texaco Chard (Somerset) is 140.7p
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    ASDA Rochdale £145.9 P
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    It’s only 1p cheaper than Costco Gateshead for Diesel,if you have a card, which just about everyone & their dog seems to have (edited)
    I don't have a Costco card been a few times and don't reckon much to it. Ok if your buying in bulk and can claim the Vat back. Or your lucky enough to have one with a fuel station. Sadly the Leeds Costco hasn't got one as yet I'd be tempted to get a card if that changed in future? .
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    Does anyone know why diesel is a lot more expensive these days? A few years ago the price difference was only 6-7p
    To answer my own question it seems like diesels being used for heating due the pressures on gas supply atm which is driving the price up.
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    Excellent. And a surprise. Asda's (downward) price leader status seems to have changed after Asda was taken over.
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    Not going all the way to New Zealand for fuel I’m sorry @Katro16 (edited)
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    It's just a shame I can't fill up here as it doesn't accept my bank card.
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    ASDA in our local paper for adding water to pumps and load of cars have broken down.
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    Thanks for posting and congratulations on your first hotukdeals thread