Cheap Haagen Dazs in-store @ Asda
Went to my local Asda yday, and found Haagen Dazs for £2.50 about a 1/3 off the original price.

(This includes a limited edition: Double Chocolate and Cookies- So good!)


Sainsbury have Haagen Daaz and Ben & Jerrys' on 2 for £5

This offer as been posted about a million times now , i think all the big supermarkets have these on offer almost peremently now as its also 2 for £5 in morrisons

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erm asda actually just got that offer a couple of days ago and it wasnt there on Monday because I went then. my mate who works there didnt even kno about it until we went in, and as for the others, tbh id prefer to buy 1 for £2.50 rather than 2 for £5

Mmmmmm! Just got toffee ones

Baileys or Pralines and cream. I have usually eaten mine bythe time I get to the till.

and your diabetic, like me... i cant stop once i start, sometimes you have to 'forget' bout the diabetes :P
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