Cheap Health Insurance (mines under £30) plus £100 John Lewis Voucher and £115 Quidco cashback + fur

Cheap Health Insurance (mines under £30) plus £100 John Lewis Voucher and £115 Quidco cashback + fur

Found 2nd May 2007
I didn't include a link, as i think the £100 John Lewis voucher is only for Affiliate offers, so in spirit of the site, i haven't linked this with my own affiliate, so go through Quidco yourself.

I checked out the health insurance quote and mine would work out at under £30 and in return, I would not only receive £115 cashback from Quidco (making a huge profit on top of free Health Insurance) but i would also receive £100 voucher to spend at John Lewis/Ocado stores or online.

Don't forget, that when you use your John Lewis vouchers through Quidco, you'll also receive cashback on this, which means you'll receive a further upto £9 cashback (dependant on the products you buy).

This means i can actually spend £30 to get health insurance and receive (£115 from PruHealth cashback + £100 John Lewis voucher and upto £9 John Lewis cashback) meaning i'll receive £214 in return for under £30 spendature.

Remember to be quick, as the offer expires at the end of May

Hope this helps.


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I'm not sure but when you use your £100 John Lewis voucher, you may also be able to use one discount vouchers, as gift vouchers are normally additional and therefore considered as seperate.

but i think its 30 per month and then you continue for whole year which is 360 pounds.
but what i would like to ask that can i cancel the order after 1 month and just only pay 30 pounds.

i bought pruhealth insurance for its gym membership offer (my policy cost me 20 quid a month) and quidco took 3 months before they eventually paid me. I checked around with others and they had the same experience. So i guess you can't really cancel after a month.

These health insurances are sold as "annual policies", and the T&C state that you are making an annual payment of, say, £360. Hence £30/month. You cannot cancel the policy, and will have to pay the annual amount.

I'd avoid this unless you want to sign up for a year!

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Sorry, i just checked and it's under £30 a month and it is for a whole year but that would mean you're getting a years health insurance for under £360 for a whole year plus everything i mentioned in the OP, which is £214 and like Teoanne mentioned, you can also receive discounted memberships to gyms.

Don't forget that if this is something you're interested in for long term, you'll receive huge discounts in renewing your policy next year and further incentives for looking after yourself. :thumbsup:
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