Cheap hols - Whit week!
Cheap hols - Whit week!

Cheap hols - Whit week!

I you want a cheap holiday away with the kids over the 'expensive' whit shcool hols
then check out the european center parcs web site. centerparcs.com

I have just booked a mon - fri deal in their 'top' vip villa priced at 529 euros that endecd up at 442 (approx 300 quid) with early booker and
family discounts.

Been there 4 times and its great! always to Erperheide with yound kids, but check out web site - for deals to suit your own fAMILY

I have never been to a Uk center parcs - can't afford it.

OK - you have to get across the channel , it cost me £222 with P+O inc car and 4 berth cabins each way but KIds also enjoyed that with onbaord entertainment

Just think of the all the cheap wine etc.. you can bring back ready for the summer BBQ season.

Sorry about my apalling spelling mistakes. Must have 'fat' fingers. Please contact me if oyu have questions.
- gangey


Good find, as you say about £300 Monday to Friday in a VIP villa, 2 adults and 2 kids. Wouldn't get anywhere near that price in a UK centerparcs (rip off Britain :x ).

Found a couple, not bad..

Wow - just what I'm looking for - working in Education I have to take school holidays too :-(

Be good, Dio :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Thanks for post, may look at this next year.

Great tip, gangey! Can you advise where you get the ferry from and to, and why did you select this particular village - seems quite a drive from the coast.



I looked into this last year but when I've looked for this summer I've noticed that you no longer get the 15% young family discount in the peak periods.:x
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