Cheap hotel rooms and flights at WeFly !!

Cheap hotel rooms and flights at WeFly !!

Found 10th Nov 2008Made hot 10th Nov 2008
Majorca £3
Benidorm £4

I put in some dates for majorca in May and got £12/nt.

Also have flights and packages available.


When did woollies start selling holidays???:w00t:

gosh thats new to me too, it appears they are in conjunction with

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Answer: Don't know but I could do with some heat ;-)


Answer: Don't know but I could do with some heat ;-)

you already got 9 degrees from me!

hot from me

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Why thank you ;-) Have a rec

Voted hot as cannot beat a cheap holiday
Will have a gander as just came back from Madrid as spent 4 days their and took in the sights and a Real Madrid game so will be interested if I can find some cheap places to visit

Gobsmacked at Woolies, but excellent find, would never have dreamed at looking for flights from them! Voted hot!!

Changed merchant as it's actually through WeFly.Co.UK

thanks, I am just searching now

£1390 for 2 return flights Prestwick to Barcelona [via Cork !} doesn't seem too much of a bargain to me.

Sorry !. :?

Ive not found anything cheap on there.
What dates did you put in for May?


Ive not found anything cheap on there.What dates did you put in for May?

I've spent ages searching and came to the same conclusion - then I realised searching for hotel only bring up the cheap prices. The mention of flights in the title is slightly misleading.
Now spent a few more hours trying to tie it in with the £5 Ryanair flights without much luck!

how long before these go bust leaving loads of folk stranded?

Just searched for flights to India and they're about £30 cheaper per ticket than any of the other sites I've checked. Heat added. Thanks.

This was a shock! I'm related to the guy who first started WeFly, he was bought out a few years ago though.

it's just a search engine...I don't get the fuss....there's hundreds of them already.

You can get cheap packages for about £150 - so 7 nights at £84 ish is not great - you have to factor in airport transfers, flights etc etc

The cheap 'holidays' aren't bad though

just been quoted £1,700 to tenerife

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First Class for 20 people!!


Cold ------- No not really voted hot. Got all me flights & accom booked for next few months but will add to favs :thumbsup:
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