Cheap import DS games @ DVDBoxOffice - Good titles under a fiver + postage.
Cheap import DS games @ DVDBoxOffice - Good titles under a fiver + postage.

Cheap import DS games @ DVDBoxOffice - Good titles under a fiver + postage.

Some great games for very cheap prices indeed. Please note that this is a US site, I've posted a small guide to importing games below. Prices are approximate based on current exchange rates and may change. Expect to add about a couple of quid each on postage.

Touch The Dead - £4.00
Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise - £4.01
Steel Horizon - £4.55
Star Fox Command - £4.76
Spectrobes - £4.33
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Darkness - £4.66
Dynasty Warriors: Fighter's Battle - £5.09
Guitar Hero: On Tour - £4.66
Geometry Wars: Galaxies - £4.65
MX vs ATV Untamed - £3.90
EA Playground - £4.54
Puzzler Collection - £5.20
Big Bang Mini - £6.93
Big Brain Academy - £6.28
Cars: Mater-National - £4.54
Ninjatown - £8.02

Importing DS Games:

American DS games will work just fine on your UK DS, DS Lite or DSi. There are however some important thing you should be aware of.

1. Customs and import tax. Please make sure that you do not order over £18 worth of goods (excluding shipping costs) or you will be liable to pay customs tax on your goods. This can be expensive, so if you want a lot of these games, make multiple purchases.
2. US DS games will not be accepted by the majority of high street stores for trade-in. You can however sell them on on eBay .
3. US DS cases are different. They are thinner and have different artwork, if that kind of thing bothers you. Personally I prefer US cases.
4. You may not be able to link wirelessly with someone who has a UK version of the same game. This is not always the case, but it's worth mentioning.

I've used this site many times without any problems, although they do take their time with delivery (averaging 1-2 weeks in my experience). Hopefully you'll find a bargain here!


Look like a hot deal to me.

I've used these guys for years, useful when the UK version takes years to come out, see Prof Layton; Peggle DS etc.

Seconded, this is a reputable company.

are psp games multi region?. i;ve alway's understood they were but the are saying usa on their descriptions?:?

some games definitely not cheap

Never considered this before - thanks!

Original Poster


some games definitely not cheap

Such as.....

Some good games here

Heat and rep didn't realise you could save so much with US version games, or that they worked on the UK systems. Excellent mini-guide too answered all my questions, thank you!
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