cheap ipod speaker - £8.87 + £10 delivery  @ computerwebstore

cheap ipod speaker - £8.87 + £10 delivery @ computerwebstore

Found 15th Apr 2008
cheaper then richer sounds

At home or in the office, the Kensington SX 2000 Speakers for iPod do something that other similar speakers can't. Thanks to NXT's advanced SurfaceSound flat panel speaker technology, they deliver clearly superior bass and sound balance from both sides of the unit. And unlike other similar speakers, they have the power to crank up the volume without losing sound quality! About Universal Dock: The Universal Dock provides a single, elegant way to connect any iPod with dock connector to your iPod accessory. iPod fits into the Universal Dock through the use of interchargeable inserts called Dock Adaptors


£10 delivery??!?!

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