Cheap London Theatre Musical Show Tickets £10-40 on over 40 shows to choose January - 10th February @ Getinto London Theatre

Cheap London Theatre Musical Show Tickets £10-40 on over 40 shows to choose January - 10th February @ Getinto London Theatre

Found 7th Dec 2016
London Theatre £10-£40 tickets for over 40 London shows for performances between Sun 1 Jan and Fri 10 Feb. The tickets include matinée and evening performances mainly for Mondays to Fridays with the occasional weekend day.

There are 100,000 tickets available which are spread randomly across all dates and shows, but tickets for specific performances are subject to availability and limited per performance – so it could be pot luck finding the show you want on a particular date. Some shows exclude weekends (such as Disney's The Lion King and Matilda The Musical).

Not all shows will offer tickets at the lowest price point of £10, and the cheaper tickets for the more popular shows are likely to go very quickly.

Examples of discounted tickets (see the full price list)

For some shows, only one ticket price is included, such as £10 or £20. For others, there are a range of tickets available, from £10-£40. Here are some examples:

The Gruffalo – £10 tickets (norm £18.50)
The Play That Goes Wrong – £10 tickets (norm £20), £20 tickets (norm £35), £30 tickets (norm £44.50)
Les Misérables – £10 tickets (norm £25), £20 tickets (norm £37.50), £30 tickets (norm £50), £40 tickets (norm £72.50)
Kinky Boots – £20 tickets (norm £39.50-£42.50), £30 tickets (norm £49.50-£62.50), £40 tickets (norm £69.50-£72.50)
Phantom of the Opera – £20 tickets (norm £39.50), £30 tickets (norm £44.50), £40 tickets (norm £72.50)
Thriller Live – £20 tickets (norm £40), £30 tickets (norm £50), £40 tickets (norm £72.50)
Wicked – £20 tickets (norm £37.50), £30 tickets (norm £47.50-£57.50), £40 tickets (norm £67.50)
Disney’s The Lion King – £30 tickets (norm £47.50), £40 tickets (norm £69.50)
Mamma Mia! – £30 tickets (norm £39.50), £40 tickets (norm £65)
Jersey Boys – £40 tickets (norm £69.50)
Matilda The Musical – £40 tickets (norm £67.50)

A maximum of eight tickets can be booked per show per cardholder and there’s no limit to the number of performances you can get tickets for. Tickets are non-refundable and seat allocations will be visible during the booking process. Shows may increase their allocation of tickets at any time and more shows may be added during the booking period.

There are no booking fees and the tickets will either be posted to you free of charge or you can collect them from the box office on the day of the performance.

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