Cheap Nintendo DS games - under £15! Including Mr Driller and Warioware: Touched

Cheap Nintendo DS games - under £15! Including Mr Driller and Warioware: Touched

Found 4th Jul 2006
A bunch of cheap Nintendo DS games at Tesco including the excellent Mr Driller: Drill Spirits and Warioware: Touched! Both utilise the touch screen well and are definitely worth owning at these prices (both are under £13 - Warioware is £25 on!).

- planet2sky
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    Yeah, there are some nice games in this deal .... especially Advance Wars DS, definitely worth £13.00.
    Thanks for this, I've ordered Warioware Touched.
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    Glad you liked the link, I didn't spot Advance Wars until I saw it on the shelf last night so it's also in-store on some of these titles too
    Just checked my order and it says expected shipping date 8th July (Yesterday), but more importantly, the link to the game shows at £18.99 not the £12.94 it was when I ordered.

    Are they trying to pull a fast one again?

    They did this to me with the Tomb Raider pre-order for Xbox 360, by changing all the orders to Xbox ones, as they had made a pricing mistake.

    They don't take payment until they ship it.

    Anyone else had this problem with Tesco before ?
    No, I haven't but as you said I know it has happened before. I would check you email confirmation for the price and then complain until they change it.
    Whoops, appologies to Tesco (yhis one time) it does still say £12.94 on my order, but they have gone back up. I have done a screen grab to be safe.
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    This was also sub £13: ]http//ww…mes

    Wish I had ordered it!

    Link broken

    Link broken

    Probably because it's 8 years old.
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